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    Yerf Dog Bump Steer & Ackermann

    I picked up a worn-out Yerf Dog two-seater for my wife and kids to drive a couple of weekends ago. It "runs and drives" but it definitely needs work. One thing I can't stand about live-axle go-karts is the steering radius. None of the karts I've ridden have had Ackermann steering and all of...
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    Kids Kart Width?

    I've got an old lawnmower frame and am considering "converting" it to a go kart for my kids (oldest is 4 currently). I don't want it to go much over 10 mph and was thinking of using a weed-eater engine for power. My question is, how wide should it be to prevent tipping? It's pretty tough to...
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    Axles for IRS

    I recently picked up a go kart that has been repainted and am having trouble identifying. It's got a simple Independent Rear Suspension consisting of a shock, trailing arm, and axle with a single inboard U-joint. Unfortunately the U-joint on the right axle was replaced by the previous owner who...