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    self balancing one wheel schooter

    i found this really cool project while surfing hack-a-day it works just like a segway
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    Jet Powered Kart under $1000 FROM EBAY Check it out, it's not mine, but check it out! It's got a jet engine (with afterburner) made from a car turbocharger.
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    decorative clutch covers

    well i was looking at this picture and i noticed that the clutch had a custom "washer" used to make it look cool so i just want to throw this idea out there anybody try this before? got any interesting designs? how about adding a bearing on...
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    disk brake choice

    i have seen 3 different calipers (princess auto has this one for 70 canadian dollars) which one is minimal for a small go kart use? seems cheaper than a band brake system for...
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    home made tie rod ends

    get a short 3/8" eye bolt, the inside on the loop should have a diameter of about 1/2" like this: get some 3/8 nuts, take two, use a drill, bore out the threading so it has an inside diameter of 3/8" and it will slide up and down a 3/8" bolt. also grind away the hexagon edges of the nuts until...
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    wire strength

    what is the maxinum load for a 1/16" diameter, stranded steel wire, from home depot?
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    make ur own flange hub

    i went shopping for a steering shaft and hub, i decided on a 1/2" sch40 galvinized steel water pipe, and a flange fitting, because it fits into a 1" square tube very well, i took it home, and descovered its inner diameter MATCHES the outer diameter of a 5/8" keyed axle. so it got me thinking...
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    smirnoff commercial buggy

    do u ever see the commercial with 2 guys riding what looks like a mean looking buggy powered by a team of dogs, goes to a bar, askes for smirnoff, gives the whip to the bar tender and says "I don't drink and sled" i was just wondering if anybody has any information on that buggy, i cant even...
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    prefered steering wheel angle

    i was just wondering, do you guys have a prefered angle of the steering wheel? or does it not matter because theres not much you can do to it since the height of the wheel has to be right? just wondering
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    my frame design

    these frame plans probably suck, but since people just loves to beg for plans... top view: bottom view: side, front, and rear: angled view (isometric): comments welcome, this is what i am building... and it's done except for 5 peices but i ran outta metal so i cant change anything...
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    rear axle almost done, need opinion

    hey i almost have my rear axle done, after the two wheels are on, i have about 1/2" long stub on each end, i was thinking, should i... -take the axle to some place and get it threaded -get the axle have a groove for a snap ring (i dont have the snap ring tool though) -use a shaft collar
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    My go kart

    progress report found here: