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  1. spyke427

    Chaparral Frame?

    I just got this Chaparral frame. It has been abused and is rather rough but I want to bring it back to life. I don't know if it is a Rupp or a Robron kart. Does anyone here know if there is any way to tell what the differences are?
  2. spyke427

    Ruppish clone

    I have been working on my first go kart build ever this year after one of my kids asked for a go kart. This thing has become my new addiction and I am loving the vintage karts of the 60s. Since building my kids kart has become my kart I have bought a basket case Manco Fox for the kids and the...
  3. spyke427

    Rupp(ish) Clone

    Hello, I have not been on this site very long but I want start posting the Kart build I am doing with my kids. I have wanted to build Rupp Dart A-Bone for a long time and although I dont have much money to throw at another project I do have tools and time. I hope to have this thing done before...