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  1. Karts of Kaos

    stoke vs cycle argument

    hey guys we've all seen engines that say 4 cycle or 2cycle, but shouldn't it be 4 stroke or 2 stroke because one cycle is like intake compression ignition power exaust right? what do you think it should be stroke or cycle?
  2. Karts of Kaos

    how did this happen?

    im fixing a golf kart for someone and we think it has a sheered flywheel key because its backfiring out of the carb and not starting. but how would that happen because there's a cvt and things like that so how would you shear the key if there's no hard stops on the engine itself if you know what...
  3. Karts of Kaos

    there was a screw in my engine

    hey guys so i picked up some stuff from a friend of my dad, and in the pile was a seized homelite chainsaw, the blue one. so i get home and pull the exaust as you do and there's a bolt stuck in-between the exaust port and the piston. so i take it out but there is a small divit in the piston...
  4. Karts of Kaos

    steam stuff

    so i built a compressed air engine(could be powered by steam) and well see how this progresses. i modified the cam with a mig welder but i did it worn it works but the valves end up opening at the same time on one stroke and then there's compression on the next so ill need to fix that. i also...
  5. Karts of Kaos

    how hard is it to flip an engine?

    hey yall, i was at a friends house and he told me that it was particularly easy to flip a Briggs opposed twin on it side and i was wondering if any of you have tried it? i happen to have one.
  6. Karts of Kaos

    i got another bike

    so i picked up a 1984 suzuki 440. i paid 60 bucks for it. im going to combine it with my cb750 to make one running bike. ive measured the compression at over 100psi in both cylinders next ill need to work out the ignition system.both front and rear brakes work and it shifted through all the...
  7. Karts of Kaos

    hf compression tester

    he guys so i finally broke down and got a compression tester but it isnt working right im not getting accurate readings on little engines like weedeater etc and on slightly larger ones im getting higher readings ones but still not accurate. im getting like 30psi on running 2strokes using the...
  8. Karts of Kaos

    kart id i know ive seen it before

    soo i was at a grad part for one of my friends and got talking with a guy, he said he had a gokart that doesn't run and has be sitting for 16ish years. i he showed me some pics of it on his phone and i was immediately interested bc i have seen this kart before but i don't remember what it was...
  9. Karts of Kaos

    2021 dui diy gokart

    a little while back i got a new kart for $125 its not in the best condition and it definitely looked home made. it had 1 stick of rebar as a roll bar and its so short my 10yrol friend cant sit in it comfortably so it will be lengthened. i cut the rebar off and now im working on making it go. i...
  10. Karts of Kaos

    kart ID for a friend

    so my friend is getting his first gokart this friday and was wondering if you could id it thanks
  11. Karts of Kaos

    rototiller fnr?

    so i had an idea another way to use a vert shaft engine. could i use a rototiller transmission and stuff to have a fnr box and a live axle for cheap? i don't know if i would ever use this idea but i just wonder if it would work because some rototillers have fnr and are a vertical shaft. what do...
  12. Karts of Kaos

    meatal working thread.

    I was wondering if any of you have Benn casting forging or any other interesting metal work. over the week end I made some aluminum casings by pouring molten aluminum into the snow.
  13. Karts of Kaos

    best place for 50cc parts.

    hey guys, I have been working on a moped scooter thingy for a friend of mine. it had an interesting problem. she asked my if I would be able to take a look at it and I said sure. she had stated that it had " just stopped running" while she was riding. and then it had been sitting in her...
  14. Karts of Kaos

    HHO gokart

    he guys, the other day in chemistry we performed electrolysis and it said in the book that the resulting gases were hydrogen and oxygen. so I made my own larger version out of a soda bottle and some screws. it worked well enough that it almost exploded the bottle when lit and that was only...
  15. Karts of Kaos

    driving a tc off a tc

    I have wondered for a long time what would happen if you dove one tc off the output of another. I was recently reminded of this question when reading the thread "Parallel Torque Converters?". I was thinking maybe you would have an extra low and high range. what are your thoughts?
  16. Karts of Kaos

    1973 honda cb750

    yesterday I got a motorcycle! I cot a honda with a cb750. the motor is seized and has been out in the weather for a long time. the handle bars are broken, the shifter arm is gone, and so is the clutch trigger,there are no valve cover bolts but the valve cover is there. the front break is...
  17. Karts of Kaos

    only ten grand!

    I always wanted a tie fighter now here is my opportunity. there is finally one near me. does anyone know how big of a trailer I am going to need!:roflol:
  18. Karts of Kaos


    well snap. I somehow put a valve through my cylinder head on my ungoverned 212 with a gx160 head and gx270 jet. have any of you had this happen.
  19. Karts of Kaos

    honda g 200 no spark..ish

    i have a Honda g200 on a rototiller I am trying to fix for a friend. it has electricity flowing to the plug wire. but it is not enough to jump the gap on the spark plug. I has all the symptoms of a points problem but it has an electronic ignition module instead. i think that the electronic...
  20. Karts of Kaos


    i am building a spider karts scorpion and I need brakes for a 1 1/4" axle. I am planing to run a Honda gx 270 with a tc and guv delete. I was looking for mechanical brakes. thanks.