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    2017 - Madmanandrew's Entry - DNF

    Working on a unique entry that should technically fill all the requirements! Entry pic is last since I started all this back in January.
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    Electric Start and Charging Coil Source

    Hey guys I found this website today and know you guys would be interested. They have kits to add charging coils, electric starters, and all kinds of other stuff to our motors...
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    Barely Used Lifan 6.5HP w/ Electric Start

    Selling the 6.5 HP Lifan Horizontal Shaft motor w/ electric start off my unfinished kart. Includes a go-kart throttle kit, high-flow air filter, and go-kart exhaust header, as well as all the OEM take-off parts if you want to convert it back for some reason. I've put it on ebay with no reserve...
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    Misc/Garage/Lot Sale

    I was building a go kart but haven't touched it for quite some time now so I'm just selling off all the parts to clear out my shop. This listing includes all the not-so-big ticket items that you need to finish out a kart like hubs, a sprocket, tie rod ends, bearings, pedals, etc., as well as a...
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    MCP Aluminum Dual Master Cylinder and Aluminum Dual Piston Brake Caliper

    I installed these on my kart and bled them but never finished the cart so they have never been used. Since ferrules are only good for one use you will need to buy new tube fittings but they do include the bleeder fittings. I just want them gone so I'm selling them no-reserve auction on ebay...
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    Comet Torq-A-Verter CVT for 3/4" Engine Shafts 12T #35 Sprocket

    I'm selling my barely used CVT. Never even finished the cart it was on so it's only ever been ran with no load. Selling it on ebay because I just want it all gone. Here it is on ebay:
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    2015 - Long Travel Micro-Buggy Build

    MadManAndrew checking in for the 2015 build-off.
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    Radio Controlled "Go Kart"

    Greetings go karters, I'm new here, but not necessarily new to the world of go karts or custom fabrication, or radio control, for that matter. I've been an avid home fabricator for all of my adult life, and I'm here to share with and enlist all of you avid go karts help in my next project: a...