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    Drift trike/kart sleeves 12" green

    I had read on another forum of an option for cheaper tires for a drift trike/kart and it was for using 13x6.5x6 tires that are smooth cause they are so much less than traditional slicks. At 30-35 a pair for tires I went this route. He said to use 12" Sewer pipe vs 10" that traditional sleeves...
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    Track sled.

    Anyone looked into these or thought of making one? I moved from Texas to my home state of Montana and since ice fishing is one of my favorite pass times, "why not". Russians appear to be way ahead of use in the states on this.
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    Honda 175 3 wheeler!

    Co worker has two and is getting a third one so he's selling me his lesser of the two that's complete but needs some love. Getting it for 100.00! Gonna get rid of my lawn mower project for now, and may pick one up again someday.
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    Looking at moving to Silsbee Texas!

    Not sure if anyone is familiar with the area. Small town outside of Beaumont Texas and has a job opening I can transfer to. Year round Karting, pine trees, a drag strip, and more hunting then the communist state of Washington. If you have any knowledge of the area let me know if it's...
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    Drift trike Pvc sleeves.

    Purchased a 7ft chunk of 12" super thick green Pvc. It's gotta be 1/2" thick. Inside diameter is 11"3/8". Have two tire options. 11x5-6 or 13x6.5-6. Anyone use 12" Pvc yet? Took forever to find someone selling a chunk of Pvc on Craigslist. Paid 70.00 for it. Gonna try and sell some...
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    Pit bike 22mm carb woes.

    Bought another 22mm carb and bought an adjustable throttle cable. Problem is with a thumb throttle and carb both hooked up and cable extended the slide is partially engaged. Might have to cut a little off the end and install a bike cable end to make it a little longer. Problem is I Seam to...
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    Stainless trike fuel tank.

    Started making this out of 304 plate and unknown pipe from a patio heater. Saved it from the scrap yard. Gonna stick weld with a 312series rod since Im not sure what the pipe is. Petcock is a gasket type and just drilled a hole with harbor freight step bit and titanium bit to start a pilot...
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    How to mount sprocket.

    How to mount this style sprocket. Bought it for solid axle drift trike. Hoping someone is familiar with what it's used for.
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    Connecting Rods.

    Why are all the performance rods aluminum. The car world tends to use steel cast, powder forged, forged, and billet. Now powder forged rods are pretty common from factorys in engines these days, and are fairly inexpensive to make. They last a lot longer than aluminum rods. All out high...
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    Drift trike with seat over predator.

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    Motorized trailer dolly build.

    Going to build one of these. Current parts bought 2500lb atv winch from harbor freight. 54.99 plus tax. (59.62)
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    Labor day Harbor freight coupons.

    Anyone go and get there super coupons for this weekend? I had them and wife just threw them away. Super coupons from labor day weekend.
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    New YouTube go kart enthusiasts. Good guy to watch and learn stuff. Turbo ls now go karts.
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    Hemi no start.

    Installed a 22mm motorcycle carb, and can't get it to fire. Has custom intake. Header and governor removed. Never fired new with oem carb. Cam came out with cover but reinstalled with the piston at TDC and dots lined up. Now does it have waste spark or could that affect TDC if off a...
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    Almost removed governor need advice.

    Removed the arm, and the plastic gear except this much. Think it's okay or should I continue to fight that **** snap ring.
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    Drift trike with seat over predator.

    Been looking but only seam to find ones with motorcycle engines. Have a hemi predator that I wanted to use with the fuel tank removed and 22mm bike carb. Fuel tank removed for lower profile. Have almost enough from a mini bike build I had planned to where it won't cost much. Have HD clutch...
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    Dirt bike engine swap.

    Found this. Think it would be pretty cool.
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    DIY mower using a differential

    Thought I'd share as it's pretty cool concept.
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    Modify 90 amp flux core to DCEN

    Not sure if anyone has thought or has done this, but the last time I had one of these welders I had planned on doing the conversion but hadn't done it when I traded it off for a turbo. Purchased a 33000uf 50vdc cap and a 100amp 1200v Bridge rectifier. Have lots of crimps connectors and wire...
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck!

    Harbor Freight/Princess auto (Eh) Tools that don't suck! A few forums have a thread like this to help other know what to buy and what to not buy. Some times its certain model numbers of tools to get or not get. Went to the tent sale today and picked up the famous 90 amp AC 120v flux core...