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    Comet 40 outboard alignment

    Hi ! I have a question about comet 40. With reverse spring spring. (Yellow) how am I suppose to align it.. My belt is not aligned on idle or on top speed. Do I need to reverse the driver when using outboard driven? Thanks, JP
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    First offroad go-karts build

    Here's an update of my progression! I have an engine problem with my new carburetor. It is running only on choke and not for long. I installed the jet and e-tube of my old carb, may be I should try to put the jet that came with the new carb in it. JP
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    First offroad go-karts build

    Hey guys! I need tips before I go that way. What do you think about my torque converter positionning ? Are my sprocket good that way ? Ah and no it wont be a threaded rod lol but a 5/8 shaft with pillow block ... This is the concept.. Thanks! JP
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    First offroad go-karts build

    Hello, Here's the first picture of my build progression. JP
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    Wanted: Gx390 carb

    Hello, I would like to get a gx390 carb to montreal,quebec,canada. I have a loncin 13hp [375cc] motor and my carburetor is broken. Thanks, JP
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    Loncin Engine 13HP 375CC

    Hello! This weekend I bought a Loncin Engine 13HP 375CC. (please see picture at bottom of motor and nameplate) Price was really low so I knew there was something wrong. In fact, motor works REALLY well, but there is a LOT of fuel flowing out of the carb. So I opened it.. oops. I need a new...
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    First offroad go-karts build

    Hello all! I'm starting a project with one of my friend. We want to build a go-kart that is going to driven mostly offroad (winter's coming). We have old wheels from a lawn mower and I just bought a Genuine Comet 40 series. I'm looking for a 13hp snowblower motor, that I should buy really soon...
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    Comet 40 series - Torque Converter

    Hello, I'd like to get a torque converter. I need it to be good for 12-15hp. I'm from quebec, canada. Please let me know your price, and shipping. Thanks, JP
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    Hello from Quebec, Canada

    Hi everyone, I registered on this forum because I'm starting a kart project. Google was always pointing at this website, so I decided to register. I'm a machinist and mechanical engineer. I'm starting this project with my best friend. We bought an old tractor with a 12hp briggs & stratton...