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    Go Kart Rear Axle Stripped Thread... Lock Collar?

    I have a go-kart I've been working on... project got stalled for a long time but I've posted about it before. I got it in rough shape for 150 and got it to run, but then it crashed, suffered carb issues, broke a fuel tank, stripped the driveshaft bolt threads, got scored cylinder walls, broke...
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    How to replace rear wheels on a stepped rear axle?

    Hello again! Sorry for creating another post about the go kart, but the other one is kinda lived out if you know what I mean, it's got everything I need for general information. I need just a little bit more advice before I go ahead and start ordering things to rebuild. Here's the situation: I...
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    Can anybody help me with my first go kart?

    Hey all! I'm new to the go kart world and was wondering if anyone can advise me. I've been wanting a go kart since I was a kid, and I found one for sale on the road the other day for 150 dollars. I bought it because it had an engine, a solid frame (although the floor panel needs replacing), and...