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    Briggs 5hp Dyno Cam Info

    I've got a 5hp IC I've been working on. Currently it's setup with a vm20, header, arc rod, arc flywheel, 20lb springs. I've been debating what cam to get for it. I was leaning towards a 94ss or 03ss but I found a 110ss for a solid price. Problem is, I can't find much info on required supporting...
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    Wanted: Engine plate with jackshaft for big blocks

    Looking for an engine plate with a built in jackshaft that has bolt spacing for a big block-predator 420/gx390. Located in Ft Worth, Tx. Looking to spend $50-$100 depending on condition.
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    Comet 209621A Dissasembly Help

    I got this driven pulley from a FB buy and cannot figure out how to disassemble it. The manual indicates it's threaded with no c-clip but I cannot figure out much beyond that. It won't spin with hand force or pliers-didnt put too much force though. I'd rather get some guidance so I dont break...
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    Big Block Yerf Dog

    This is my yerf dog 32001. I think its an earlier model since the roll cage was different than most others I've seen. It's gone through a bunch of different engine. Stage 1 212, 380cc briggs flathead. 400cc briggs flathead. It now has a Predator 420 with twister cam, arc rod, and 34mm mikuni...
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    Wanted: Briggs 5hp Flathead Cam

    Looking for a mild cam for a briggs 5hp flathead. It's going on a minibike and will not be raced. Would just like to make a bit more power and have some more top end. I already have the flywheel, rods, and valve springs. Not having much luck finding them online. Looking to spend up to $100. DFW, TX.
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    Predator 420 Carb Help

    So I recently upgraded my non hemi 420: Arc rod 34mm mikuni kit from GPS TWISTER 250 CAM 50lb Valve Springs Header 40 series CVT I have it geared and setup so it won't rev past 4500. Once I go to the next stage up, I will get a flywheel. I think my issue is with the carb. I've been messing...