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  1. jamyers

    Predator Ignition Coil Difference

    My ignition died on my 2012 Predator 212cc non-hemi engine, part number 69730. Ordered a new coil assembly from Amazon that specifically said "Fits 69730 and ..." engines. Waited a week for the Prime 2-day shipping (grr) to arrive, and it doesn't bolt up - the holes are too far apart, and too...
  2. jamyers

    Predator carb low speed jet issue, i think

    Got this bone-stock Predator engine that I've had sitting around for years, with not a lot of hours on it. Changed the oil, new spark plug, cleaned the carb (which was pretty funky with dead gas). It's a RuiXing 128, with no idle mixture screw - just a brass plug where other model carbs have...
  3. jamyers

    GoKart "Texas Terror" for sale

    Selling our oldest and most-worked-on kart, to fund the next project. Asking $600. Located in Buffalo Gap TX, just south of Abilene. Build thread(s) here:
  4. jamyers

    DNF - 2020 - Cozy Coupe Bucket Tee

    I'll never complete this before the end of 2020, but I'm also not going to wait to start, lol. Inspired by the "Cars and Cameras" cozy coupe build, I'm going to go one better - a 2-seater. My engine if half the size of theirs, but it once I get this built it should be fairly easy to swap a...
  5. jamyers

    Frame Materials Strength

    I'm planning on building a mini "Bucket T" roadster, using the engine, suspension, and steering from an old Chinese atv and a bunch of odds/ends laying around the shop. It'll have a ladder frame, a fake 'radiator' that's actually the front shock upper mounts, then a clone of a Honda Rebel 250cc...
  6. jamyers

    Yerf-Dog Part Doo - 22hp JLO power

    Geez, hard to believe I started working on this thing over a decade ago... At any rate, I'm in the middle of a BUNCH of upgrades. Disc Brake, electric start, and best of all - an old 340cc JLO/Rockwell...
  7. jamyers

    Need parts for FPX brakes

    Years ago, I bought some FPX hydraulic brakes from TKart here, and they've been AWESOME! However, now I need a rebuild kit for the master cylinder, and FPX only sells to kart parks, not private people. Grrr, silly people... I think I recall that their master cylinder is similar or the same...
  8. jamyers

    Texas Terror, part 2

    Original build thread from 7 years ago: Basically it's a lengthened "ThunderKart" with an electric start Briggs 8hp flathead that I rebuilt, ported and relieved years ago. So...6 years ago, the kart carburetor started flooding every time you...
  9. jamyers

    Wheel Identification

    Any idea if these are anything special? The rims are/were chrome, might be able to bring them back with some elbow grease...
  10. jamyers

    How NOT to build a car, LOL!

    It may sound harsh, but this guy is lucky that all he got was burned. There are so many dumb moves in this video, I'm not sure where to begin...
  11. jamyers

    How NOT to DIY a shed, ROFL!

    If you thought using Harbor Freight hand-cart wheels on a go-kart was a bad idea, you're going to LOVE this construction project! I vote that the time-lapse films get an award.
  12. jamyers

    Id this kart or it's rear end?

    This looks like a heavily modded factory kart with some sort of transmission (mower?), but the owner doesn't have any additional info other than "come look at it". Ideas? Heck, the tires are looking worth the $100...
  13. jamyers

    Wanted: Brake/Sprocket Hub for 1" axle, needs 4 on 3" holes

    Looking for a good used (inexpensive) hub to go on a 1" axle that I can bolt my brake disc to. It needs to have 4 bolt holes on 3" centers (measured across the disc/hub. I have the 1 1/4" hub in this thread to trade, or lots of other odds and ends.
  14. jamyers

    16hp engine w/ tranny ideas

    Heres the loose plan...a Briggs 16hp opposed twin engine with a pulley on the crank. A '76 Saginaw 4-speed tranny (relatively lightweight, and 1st gear is roughly 3:1). Pulley/belt drive to the tranny with a tensioning clutch (either a pedal or hand lever, haven't decided yet) to a pulley on the...
  15. jamyers

    Sidecar Racing

    I remember watching these guys when I was a kid, but haven't heard anything about it in years and years - then I came across a site showing the current sidecar racers, and WOW! :smiley_omg: Still, I think I like the older ones better... came across this video of a Triumph sidecar, it makes me...
  16. jamyers

    Is your google-finger broken? GRR!!!

    Is it just me, or are we getting a rash of people who apparently can't be bothered to read the sticky-FAQ's, do a basic forum search, or even google up replacement parts??? I know I need yet more coffee, I'm getting grumpy about this.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. jamyers

    Briggs Twin Horizontal

    Guy wants $60...says the starter needs work... I'm seeing wheelies! :wai:
  18. jamyers

    How about a hydraulic drive off of a zero-turn mower?

    Like the title, I'm wondering about using a hydraulic (or hydrostatic) drive off of a junked zero-turn mower, using one of the hydraulic motors geared to the axle shaft. I'd gain flexibility in engine location, as well as a "geared" drive and a "reverse"... Whaddy'all think?
  19. jamyers

    Yerf-Dog brake cable needed

    Band Brake. The cable currently on my yerf is too long, so the sheathed section has to do like a slinky, which makes the cable inside bind and still on release. Everywhere I look online, if they even show a cable like this one, it's "currently unavailable"...and I just lost out on one from...
  20. jamyers

    CHEAP batteries for karts, etc

    So you go out one day and your car or pickup battery barely has enough oomph to crank the engine, so you head down to your local battery place, where they test it (either by load-test or capacitance tester), and while it has 12+ volts, it fails the test. That’s because automotive batteries fail...