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  1. karl

    56v Brushless motor info?

    Got these from the 42in mower deck of a 56v zero turn mower. Each motor spins a 21in blade. There is zero details given about the specs of the units. I pulled it apart and could not find the manufacturer or anything. I want to find a suitable controller and use one to power a mini bike...
  2. karl

    224cc Predator carnage

    Well, good news I did not do anything wrong. Bad news, engine is destroyed. Only had bout 3hrs on her, billet rod, mod2 cam, 1 to 1,3 ratio rockers, PVL flywheel, 20lb springs, ect. She let go and snapped the exhaust valve at at over 50mph. Also found out it broke the juggernaut driver (POS)...
  3. karl

    Hemi flywheel/ rod/ cam

    Getting out of the hemi game, last one I had sitting on the shelf I put on a mini bike frame to flip. So I have these and no use anymore, all 3 fit the predator hemi 212 ARC billet flywheel , #6626 DOM 06/17 ARC billet rod #6254 DOM 12/16 Dyno cams MOD2 camshaft Used parts of course...
  4. karl

    PSA brass oil drains

    Done learnt a lesson tonight the hard ways. Solid brass oil drains, on a stock flathead , great, 2in extension 1/8x27 , and shutoff valve. Solid. Same setup on a stage 2-3 , 208cc clone, no worries for over a year and lots of riding. Tonight, took an extended ride, pavement only, it suddenly...
  5. karl

    comet torque converter belts

    I was shopping around for a new belt , and in the past I used stens 255-299 aftermarket belts, they were made in the USA , good quality. So I ordered one a couple days ago, and they are now made in India. It's labled on the sleeve and belt as...
  6. karl

    Lawn Chair

    Gettin er ready for a pliance jump. Hip hip. After I get a new embiggened sprocket in the mail, biggest on hand was 45t, I can mount the axle and send it. Just a toy to slide around the parking lot this winter on lunch break.
  7. karl

    small engine lot

    *Honda GC160 5hp, good motor needs carb work now 3/4 shaft *GX390 parts motor block , sidecover, head, piston+ rod, other misc parts. no crank, cam, or flywheel *Kawasaki FG200D 5HP flathead, had rod knock/ crank problems? 3/4 shaft *8hp flathead briggs , locked up, 1in crank with...
  8. karl

    MM212 motor mount fail

    Bought this new couple years ago. Progressively hopped up the motor, ended up with flat top piston, billet rod+ flywheel, MOD2 cam, milled head, VM22, ratio rockers, ect. After some ATV trails. noticed excessive vibration from the engine, then seen the cracks. Has anyone else seen this...
  9. karl

    Crude 1 night bike

    Did not go as planned and just rolled with it. Nothing is square or even. It's got character. Evan williams and impatience led the way. The hazard fraught pipe folder did exactly that. Long as the forks, motor, and rear wheel's straight, she'll be right. Needed something tall enough for a...
  10. karl

    A slippery subject , oil weight

    Oil brands and synthetic vs conventional oils have plenty of opinions associated with them. I get it, and that's not the direct focus here. Typically 30 weight oils are what's dumped in predators and the likes, as I have done for years. Stock or hopped up, 30w seems to be the "norm" I see...
  11. karl

    Top speed battle, Kart or Bike?

    Ive dun thunk up this conundrum , looking to build a ride that can achieve at least 50mph with limited power, and cruise comfortably at 40mph for long distance travel. Lets say the powerplant is a light n small 2-cycle, what would be the best bet? At what point is the weight savings of a...
  12. karl

    60's Simplex Challenger resurrection

    No restoration, keeping it OG. Reverted from a yard kart, removed the adapter plate and 13ci flathead. Was going with a Lawn boy duraforce 6.5hp unit, made a custom exhaust "system" Then my brother said I can have his west bend 820 , freshly sleeved. It originally had single or twin...
  13. karl

    What did I drag home ?

    I now claim ownership of this poor machine. Looks like nothing I recognize. Its been converted? to live axle, and had a big steel plate slapped on the back. The axle is interesting, 1in threads on the ends with castle nuts/ cotter pins. Four on 2 and 13/16" bolt pattern hubs. It seems to be...
  14. karl

    Divorced Gearbox 4 speed Manual

    Had this mosquito fogger 125cc china engine cracked open for over a year. Finally dids it. Removed all the unnecessary junk, torched /cut off the rod, blocked off holes , ect. Patched a crack with good ol marine tex. Ground the rivets off the flywheel, extracted the hub, and found an inch...
  15. karl

    The Mule

    The price of utility vehicles and golf carts are dumb. No thanks. Build own. Sub $300. Full suspension, rack and pinion steering, hydraulic brakes, electric start, led lights, cargo bed, winch, stereo, the works. Mint. Many prior mower parts, mower crate steel, welding, and ex-snowblower/...
  16. karl

    190cc Honda swapped 125 Pit bike Manual

    Totally not clickbait. Dumb idea, use blade stop clutch from a honda hrx217 hxa style push mower as a cheap 3d motorsport style manual clutch :P And preform mad wheelies and peels??? Took a junk gcv190 OHC vertical shaft with a bent crank, and swapped the crank from a motor that pushed a...
  17. karl

    Wheelchair lift truck thang

    I built a wheelchair some time ago, fun stuff, I typically used it to pull a 500lb+ roller, and pull mad wheelies. And I bought a winch on sale from the usual suspects, been sitting in my room for 6+ months. 1 day project to add the lift boom. All the steel I had around. Stupid heavy C channel...
  18. karl

    West Bend 820 Questions

    Hello, My brother received a brand new, old stock motor from a co-worker. It is complete other that a crank bearing, and engine covers. I had a few questions, how do you tell who manufactured it? Chrysler, US motor? And are the parts interchangeable between them? Also, what kind of...
  19. karl

    Unorthodox Head Swap GX200

    Dun thunk this up at work, watcha think? :P
  20. karl

    66mm Crankshaft? Gx390 clone

    Playing with a china engine, The old crank journal is too rough to polish out, and 7/8 shaft Weird engine , 66mm stroke, but 83mm bore = 357CC So 2mm more stroke, and 5mm less bore than a gx390. Anyways I already bought a new rod and milled the head about .050, I would like to do...