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  1. Colemanman

    Chain Size and application.

    So i see mini bikes and go karts commonly use #420, #40, 41# 35# and the occasional #50. And id like to get a better understanding on what chain is best for a particular application. Does any one use #40 or #41 chain on their machines? I dont see that many options for the two, but ive been...
  2. Colemanman

    Max torque vs Hilliard Clutches

    Most of my clutches I've bought over the years have been max torque clutches and ive havent used a Hilliard in years. They cost a bit more money and i know the internals are of a different design. Which two clutches are more reliable and durable? Is the extra for the hillard worth it? Is one...
  3. Colemanman

    Honda GX160 Crankshaft Questions??

    Ok so I have a Honda GX160, stage 1, governor removed, 2 degree timing advance, total timing is 30 degrees and a light weight flywheel with stock valve springs and pvl flywheel. Does this have the forged crank like the gx200 does? Are they alot stronger than the cast predator and clone cranks...
  4. Colemanman

    Does anyone else use tekton tools???

    Hi everyone im 19 years old been riding go karts and minibikes for almost ten years now and i just joined the forum. I was wondering if anyone else uses tekton tools? I think their a dam good budget brand. The price to quality ratio is so good. They are based out of michigan but have tools...
  5. Colemanman


    Hi everyone im 19yrs old and from Michigan. I have been into go karts and mini bikes for a bout 10 years now. I got 1 go kart that runs, two kart frames, 2 baja warriors, a coleman ct200u. 2x azusa minibikes and a Chinese mini chopper. Im also a member of the oldminibikes forum. Id love to hang...