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    Holy moses

    Do any of youse guys have experience with the "holy Moses"carburetors ? Their website makes them sound like the best carbs ever..... anyone have a comment, looking for one for my 420. They are built by "DOVER" in the midwest. used for a lot of racers apparently. Da Flash
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    big block carb

    has anyone used the big block carbs sold by Vegas carts, and NR racing as well as others, called the "24mm bored carb ? Apparently the stock carb is about 21.5mm venturi. they bore and polish the stock carb out to 24mm and add a 3rd mid range circuit . It appears that the only adjustability...
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    valve lash adjustment for 420

    HF recommends 004 for intake, and 006 for exhaust...on a 420, .some of you fellers suggest .003 for both. I can see that for the intake ( possibly), but when the mfger says 006 for the exhaust, it seems that your .003 will be too tight after this beast heats up......what say you...
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    valve train

    I have a 420 that I want to incrementally build up. Thinking of champion rockers, chromoly push rods and 50 lb springs. Vegas Karts tells me that the correct length push rod is 6.74 inches.....They are out, and I can't find that length anywhere on the interweb. I realize that there are "cut...
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    torque value for center driver bolt

    I can't seem to find any reference on how tight ( torque setting ) to tighten the center bolt for the drive pulley on a series 40 tc. watcha think ? Aaaand do you recommend loctite on this bolt ? Da Flash
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    420 valve springs

    what weight are the stock 420 valve springs. I've seen people upgrading to 35 lb...and 50 lb...what's best for a mild cam motor, and would upgrade be recommended for a stock cam motor ?
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    chain question

    Ive been using #41 chain and sprockets for my 212......It seems that #420 is a stronger chain A.. is that so ? B.. can I run a 420 chain on my 41 sprockets ?
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    mad proffesor

    hey mad, I really want to talk to you one on one. since I have a mazda miata differential centered on the axle, and the ring gear has been replaced with the drive sprocket.....that sprocket is firmly where it will always be....with my 212 and series 30 the t/c drive sprocket 9 tooth) lines up...
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    torque converts

    If I want to change from a series 30....upgrade to a series 40...can I use the same (series 30) backing plate, and just add the series 40 driver...and driven ?
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    ratios ??

    I ask because some of you guys just have mathematical minds, can't pour a cup of coffee, but mathematically you can whiz this stuff off. Ok. I want to know what my final drive ratio is........ here's the specs tav30 driving a 9 tooth sprocket...... to a 60 tooth axle...
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    blowing up small blocks

    I would like to approach a thought, that will probably cause bombs to go off, just my thoughts. pred 212's and other small motors can be hot rodded. We remove governers, stock exhaust, and intake modifications. We add cams, compression, rods, and flywheels all in an effort to pump up hp...
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    series 30 vs series 40

    I'm running a pred 212 with a series 30 tc. kart weighs 500 plus with rider. It boogies great on level ground, I tried to drive up my trailer ramp (about 45 degrees) about 5 foot long. tc smoked and ground the belt up pretty good from a dead stop. I have not yet tried this thing out on...
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    drill starter

    Has anyone built a drill starter setup with a bendix ( clockwise) drive off a car starter to use with your cordless drill ? Da Flash
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    extremepower 6.5 motor

    what do we know about this "extremepower 6.5 hp motor sold on amazon. Everything about it looks like the predator....shape of gas tank, air cleaner, specs. I suspect it is a predator someone has upgraded with electric start.......what do youse guys think Da Flash
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    OKAY here is one full shotof the arachnid..,,,,one shot of front double wishbone shot of rear shot of motor and moon gas tank.......and 3 shots of the mazda miata differential for full floating rear axle I built with axle stubs. by the way this beast is from...
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    weight of spider cart arachnid

    does anyone have a clue as to how much the spidercart "arachnid" weighs...with or without the motor..double wishbone front suspension. I've built one but I have no way to weigh it.......anybody know....even approx would do ? Da Flash
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    tav 30 converter

    My stock #30 torque converter has a stock red spring in the me understand....what is the result if I replace it with a yellow spring...a green spring ? does that change the rpm at which the converter engages, or just the torque ( or bang) when it engages. ? What I would like to...
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    pedal pump bleeding doesn't work, there's just not enough "throw" in the pedal to push much. Bought and tried a vacuum system for bleeding, that didn't get much. now going to diy a pressure system out of a garden sprayer....any brilliance out there......It a new system.. new master, and new...
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    need 1inch to stepdown 3/4 steel axle

    Looking for an 1"steel solid axle not bent or tweeked, length doesn't matter. hopingfor a hot deal !...Thanks California
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    electric motor stuttering

    Bldc 48 volt motor and matching controler ...6-1 sprockets...everything has worked well for 10-12 rides.....when rear wheels are off the ground everything spins nicely. when a rider sits on it and attempts to drive.... you hear a sound which sound like the chain skipping over the...