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  1. Quinc

    KDZ48400 24v-48v 400a controller, contactor, cables, etc

    Had this on my race kart. It is perfect If you are looking to power a low cost high HP industrial motor like a forklift or golf cart motor etc. Everything is wired and ready to be mounted. Fully programmable via laptop/pc. -Kelly KDZ48400 controller -48v contactor -J1 cable -Programming cable...
  2. Quinc

    DIY upright kart stand?

    Tried searching and haven't found anything yet. Anyone have some plans they can share on an upright stand? a belly to belly 2 kart stand would be great too.
  3. Quinc

    Razor MX650 electric dirt bike build

    Picked one of these up a couple years ago and use it so much it is on its second set of batteries. So picked up a great deal on a brand new one for the family and going to upgrade my older one to make it more adult/camping friendly goal is enough torque to be able to climb some decent dirt...
  4. Quinc

    Remote kill switch?

    Anyone have luck with a remote kill switch on a gas engine gokart? Before I spend way to much time figuring it out I figured I would ask.:cheers2:
  5. Quinc

    Do race karts have steering stops?

    Let me start by saying this is my first kart ( I bought it "thrown together" so hopefully the correct parts are in the correct places? I am reading everything I can get my hands on as far as ackermann and camber adjustments etc. . However, after taking apart and adjusting every which possible...
  6. Quinc

    How to unlock a thread?

    Winter time is building time!
  7. Quinc

    Adjusting oval kart to ride like a race kart?

    First real gokart and had no idea what I was buying... Turns out it is an oval kart. I flipped the spacers around on the front wheels and that made a huge difference in making right hand turns. Any other tips on adjustments? I realize it is not going to be perfect, but I would like to try and...
  8. Quinc

    Industrial Motor race kart

    UPDATE! Video in Post #38 Started a thread over at ES, but being my first real kart I could use more karting experience and help. :surrender: Been tinkering with mini motos, mini bikes and razor dune buggies for the last couple years and wanted to get something a little more comfortable. I...