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  1. dave1701

    1st car help

    So my dad has said that he will assist me in buying a first car. I'm 18, a college student, and need a car the will get me to school and to work. I'm looking at cars below $4000 right now because my dad hadn't given me a price range and I have that much in my bank account. On ebay and...
  2. dave1701

    5HP Tecumseh Won't Start Warm

    I drive my kart around a while and when it gets hot often it will not start for a ton of pulls. Its usually just easiest to wait at least 15 minutes for it to cool down (sometimes more). My uncle seems to think that it is the gas in the carb evaporating due to it getting so hot. Is this...
  3. dave1701

    Post your audio equipment

    Speakers, amps, mixers, cables, radios, whatever! Post em here: I just got this Onkyo 903 for $40 at the thrift store I also got these RtR Series IV model c's from another thrift store: More on the way!
  4. dave1701

    Squirrely handling on pavement

    I drive my kart 90% on dirt roads, but there are times when I need to drive on pavement a bit. When driving on pavement with any speed, handling the kart becomes rather frightening. It wants to lurch around and stuff when I get past maybe 30% throttle. If I bring two of the wheels off of the...
  5. dave1701


    So I was in a car accident in March whilst driving a 2002 Honda Odyssey where the minivan was pretty severely T-Boned on the passenger side. Both passenger side doors are inoperable. It still runs and drives, but of course it is not pretty at all, but my dad has been driving it and it drives...
  6. dave1701

    Winter kartin issues

    I took my kart out for a winter ride a while ago and had a bit of a problem. My kart wouldn't stop! I figure the torque converter wouldn't disengage. Not very fast, put it still was annoying. Could it be because the belt shrunk up?
  7. dave1701


    This guy shoots his daughters laptop. Just one more reason I don't use facebook or run my mouth on or offline. Dang it how do you embed a video on this forum!
  8. dave1701

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas! In 15 minutes it will be Christmas Eve, so now is the time! Rig up some Christmas lights on your kart and ride through the town spreading Christmas cheer... Or something. I would include a picture of my kart in the snow, but unfortunately we don't have any here in Michigan...
  9. dave1701


    I was running my kart out of gas for the winter. I knew it didn't have much in the tank, so I drove about the road just once and left it to idle. I thought "oh, well I'd probably feel it running out and be able to get back. I proceeded to let my impatience get the best of me and got in and and...
  10. dave1701

    TAV2 Drag

    I have a TAV2 on my kart and I took the chain off to lube it and I noticed that it was much easier to push. Is it normal for a TAV2 to induce that much drag on the kart?
  11. dave1701

    Thank you kart

    I just wanted to thank my go kart for a good season of the best karting I've seen. We thought we had about a 10% chance that our design would come together, but we went ahead and did it anyway. We got lucky! A $100 and a bit of pain later, my kart rides like a real riding machine. And now I...
  12. dave1701

    Car Help

    2001 Oldsmobile Aurora. Burns oil (apparently need to add every 3 months). A few dings and a slightly bent rim (pothole, apparently). Is $1500 a good deal. Something is telling me that it is not. I haven't seen it in person. A relative of mine is selling it.
  13. dave1701

    Winter Kartin'

    I have a dream. I have a dream that come first snowfall, I will hop in my kart and drive on down the big parking lot near my house and do donuts until I drop. I have a ton of traction on my kart in the summer time, but in the winter it will be a fun relief to drive around on buttery surface...
  14. dave1701

    High school woes

    I'm a senior in high school "great times" everyone says. I have no car. It's not great for my social life to have mom pick me up everyday from school. Almost everyone has a car where I go to school, hell so do all the juniors. This is mostly because most of the parents in the district that I...
  15. dave1701

    Questions for someone electrically inclined

    I've been doing some reading on AC power and how it gets to our outlets. I have a few questions that Google has been unable to answer. Please excuse my ignorance. #1 If AC travels in both directions, then why does it only come from hot cables? Why does no power come from the ground. #2...
  16. dave1701

    Set Screws

    I stripped out my set screw on my brake hub and I need to find a place that sells em. Would a hardware store have them? Are there different sizes?
  17. dave1701

    Brake disk clearance

    My kart has 15" tires and a 8" brake disk. I must have bottomed out on a root with the disk. The disk seems fine, but the whole disk moved over about an inch on the axle, screwing up my brake setup and dislodging the key stock. I really don't think I can make the disk smaller and I can't...
  18. dave1701

    Driving test

    I have my driving test next week to get my license. I heard 50% of people fail it. I'm a little nervous. Any tips? How did your test go?
  19. dave1701

    Brakes Sticking

    I took my newly upgraded kart out for its first big run last weekend. It worked great! The only problem was that I noticed that at times the mechanical disk brake was sticking. The problem was not in the cable, or in the spring pulling it back. I believe that the lever was going back, but...
  20. dave1701

    Steering rattle

    Ever since it was new, the steering shaft has rattled. It is very annoying. The rattle is literally louder than the engine. It will stop if I hold on to the wheel. I believe the rattle is coming from the slight play between the two ends of the rod. How would I go about fixing this?