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    My latest toy

    2000 Kawasaki ZG1000 Concours
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    Craigs list find Houston Tx.

    Found this while doing my daily craigslist search. not a bad price. Yet another deal :D
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    Ever seen a 1.5 million dollar kart ?

    Check this out only a measly 1.5 mil If that's a little out of your league he has another listed fora mere 10k...
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    Two Words

    Roll Tide
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    Early McCulloch kart engine ad

    Here is a neat 1961 kart engine commercial staring Don Knotts.
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    Custom Clutches Available

    I has a talk with Jim Donovan today at Max-Torque LTD today, because I needed yo order a couple of custom clutches for my West Bend 820 with 5/8 to 9/16 stepped shaft. Long story short he knew exactly what I was talking about, and exactly what I needed, he is a very smart guy and know his ****z...
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    Can you believe this?

    This guy way overpaid for this, or wanted it really really bad, and it's only one half of the complete mount. I picked up a complete 2 piece West Bend 820 mount kit (NOS) for $60 form a guy locally. For...
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    Just sold the indy kart

    Just sold the indy kart that I bought a few weeks ago and fixed up. Got $500 for it, I only paid $75 for it, removed the old B&S 3.5 hp with a rusted tank and bad carb, installed an old mildly modded 6.5 clone, new cables and brake pads and clutch. All together I have about $125-150 in it. not...
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    Please Mods Stop the Spam

    Pleas ban the IP on that idiot that keep posting (LPP) limp pecker pills
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    The Bug

    Okay here goes, I just made a deal with Blazkowiez and the guys over at for the vintage Bug rolling chassis. Thanks Blazkowiez I'll get over there with the engine and pick up the cart early this week. At first I was thinking of using the Raptor 1 I got off osso12. But after...
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    10hp tecumseh HM100 throttle control

    Long story short, I sold the last 6.5 clone I had with a cart that I got cheep, anyways on a whim I bought a brand new still in the box 10hp Tecumseh HM100. I have an idea of how I'm going to hookup a throttle cable, but I'd like to see some pics of how you guys have your, of course there is...
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    If your gonna be dumb you better be tuff

    Here's a few example why dumb &%$# and carting don't mix.
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    Just bought this for $100

    Headed over to pick this up it only about 5 miles from my house. My son found it this morning on CL so I thought I'd make them an $100 offer and negotiate 10 $125-$150 here is their response. Me to them Response
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    Got my bandit buggy plans

    Woohoo got my bandit buggy plans plans in the mail today. :wai: Looks like its gonna be a fun project, now I need to go tomorrow and buy some steel and get started on it. Thanks again Theo
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    Father son project

    All right here is a quick video I took with my cell phone on the cart my son and I have been working on the last couple of weeks. He wants to show it off to his friends so here it goes. I have no idea who makes the chassis, but I picked it up dirt cheap, $50 it was just a frame, steering wheel...