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  1. Blazkowiez

    My website was killed.

    Howdy, I haven't posted in a long while so anyone who is new wouldn't remember me. My old website was After a very hard screwing by network solutions and some cursing on the phone they killed what I had built. So I've registered and began to build
  2. Blazkowiez


    Does anyone else happen to think about survival aka zombie plans? Lately I've been researching both urban and off map survival techniques. Its strange but really interesting.
  3. Blazkowiez

    on kart tool kit

    I'm not sure if someone has a thread for this but for years I've suggested people keep an on kart tool kit ready so they can fix small problems if stranded a distance away from where they started. Before I go in to what I suggest everyone keep on kart I would love to hear if any of you already...
  4. Blazkowiez

    FunderWheels Belts

    Hey guys. We've had a scary number of people requesting these belts due to how hard they are to find. Well, we've finally got 5 ordered and confirmed and should have them within 7 days! Price actually went down to 47.95, they were much more previously but we managed to get that down a bit...
  5. Blazkowiez

    A few comet clutch cleaning videos on youtube

    Well, my first video is being edited right now, its really bad but we made an attempt at explaining clutches and how to clean them. I've got one almost finished then I'll edit the other tonight or tomorrow. I'll throw the link when it goes live! Please tell me what you think.
  6. Blazkowiez

    PS3 for Kart Parts or whatever?

    Alright then, the title should explain this, I am in the market for Playstation 3. Honestly with student loan payments and a lack of spare time its becoming highly difficult for me to justify the purchase of another game system. Here is my proposal... if anyone on this forum has a PS3 and needs...
  7. Blazkowiez

    Watch out lemegacool... another turbo kart???

    This just popped up on my local craigslist... I am having trouble not laughing.
  8. Blazkowiez

    Failure Through Success

    I feel this is a worthwhile watch. If you've got some time, watch the video. Life is about learning from mistakes and this illustrates this clearly and involves karts to a point.
  9. Blazkowiez

    Editing my site

    Okay, I didn't quite know where to place this since this is very on topic and it involves things for sale. I spent about 45min today editing the shops site after receiving 3 separate phone calls from customers claiming they couldn't find the karts that were actually for sale on the site. It was...
  10. Blazkowiez

    T-Man Wishes...

    Here ya go... I bet T-Man's already seen this, but there are plenty of people who didn't know there is a company making replica bat-mobiles. Link Here
  11. Blazkowiez

    Curiosity on karts ridden?

    I know there are many people that post here, but out of this wide community this is my question. How many karts any of you have ridden or you estimate that you have ridden? Honestly I can't even fathom how many I've driven around testing these days, its a really strange day when I don't ride a...
  12. Blazkowiez

    Banners - Footers

    I was wondering if anyone else has wanted a banner or a picture on the bottom of posts like many other forums allow, limit the size so it does not get excessive like gaming forums but I think it adds flair for a site. This would be a very nice addition, does anyone else feel this would add to...
  13. Blazkowiez

    Tecumseh Parts

    I felt I should post this in case some of you have had trouble finding parts for your Tecumseh engines now that they have gone out of business. We have a decent supply of basically every internal part to a Tecumseh engine you could possibly imagine at price that slash list prices Tecumseh put...
  14. Blazkowiez

    What Tools Do You Use

    I'm just curious what the rest of ya'll use for tools out there when building things? At the shop we mostly have Craftsman, Milwaukee, Crescent and Ryobi. We've got assorted Snap-On/Proto tools but its really a mixture. At home I've got Craftsman, Black and Decker and some assorted Harbor...
  15. Blazkowiez

    Strange Vintage 2 Speed Mini-Bike

    Okay, I wanted to get your opinion/info on this little bike. I understand this is not mini-bike forums and they would be the ones to identify it. We're obviously going to sell it but I'm not trying to sell it here just looking for thoughts on this set-up. We don't run across it very often...
  16. Blazkowiez

    1948 Briggs and Stratton

    Okay, I'm looking to see if one of you can help me. My uncle happens to have a 1.5hp 1948 Briggs and Stratton motor that is in good shape, fully running. Does anyone happen to know the value of such an engine? Thank you for your time.
  17. Blazkowiez

    Local Engines, Houston Texas

    We've got over 40 5HP Briggs and Stratton engines in the side building all with carbs, side covers, air cleaners, etc. These look like engines that might run, if anyone wants to come by the shop I'll sell them all day long for 75 dollars each. I might be willing to ship if anyone PM's me nicely...
  18. Blazkowiez

    Anyone use Facebook?

    Story Link April 23, 2010, 3:12 PM How to Opt-Out of Facebook’s Instant Personalization By RIVA RICHMOND This week, Facebook’s introduced the “open graph,” a giant expansion of the “social graph” concept on which Facebook is built. The word “open” alone should be a tip-off that there are...
  19. Blazkowiez

    Anyone else love to bowl?

    I've only been bowling for a few years now (did it as a kid, but knowing what I'm doing with form often is way different) but bowling is wicked fun. I've got a Hammer Black Widow Pearl, soon I'll be buying a Hammer Jigsaw. If you bowl, tell me about it, what ball you use etc.
  20. Blazkowiez

    Changing up my site

    **disclaimer, this is not a sales pitch, these karts are already sold, this is not an advertisement** Okay, so I've spent 4 and a half hours last night re-organizing the karts sold section of the site I have because I needed a better way to sort karts I've documented online. These are karts...