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  1. dwcopple

    cheapest place to order/purchase #40 chain and rear sprocket?

    I'm building a Predator powered dirt bike and need a good inexpensive place to order some #40 chain and a matching rear sprocket 44-48 tooth. Any vendors that give forum members a discount? Where is your go-to place?
  2. dwcopple

    took apart my build-off kart-parts up for grabs

    took apart my build-off kart-parts up for grabs PICS ADDED I have the sprocket/hub/brake drum for 3/4" axle and #35 chain. I'll include the brake band, drum, sprocket, chain with sale. I accept PayPal discreet or add 3.5% as a sale. Email is Kart had under 25 hours on it...
  3. dwcopple

    Post pics of your GX380 GX270 Predator 389cc and 420cc exhaust!

    I just mounted a 420cc Predator in my tractor. The exhaust needs to be moved for me to use my OEM sheet metal. The dang Predator is not NPT threaded in the exhaust port...argh. I will need to weld up something. If anyone has a spare stock manifold pipe lying around, PM me. I want it. Let's...
  4. dwcopple

    Lawn tractor shell turned kart project

    Welp, since I got that Briggs running I got free off the side of the road, my brain has been churning thinking about what I can do with it. My neighbor smoked his engine in his rider a couple months back and I helped him rebuild the fuel pump on a new one he got and got it running for him. I...
  5. dwcopple

    got a Briggs with dual shafts off the side of the road!

    got a Briggs off the side of the road! UPDATE: It runs!!! Attached to an old tiller. I did some research and apparently the one shaft turns at 1/2 speed in reverse and is possibly the cam. The numbers off the engine are 100292 0408 01 7004027 Briggs site did nothing for me. I think I can get...
  6. dwcopple

    wanna build a chain tensioner...

    what can I use for a wheel? I've heard of people using roller skate wheels. Anything else cheap that works?
  7. dwcopple

    Gas cap spurting out vent hole when throttling

    Why? How do I stop it?
  8. dwcopple

    how should I weld this frame to support the engine?

    the brown pieces are 1-1/4" angle iron from a bed frame. The back where the end of the engine plate is is solid and I notched where the edge of the plate is to the other side of the frame for sprocket clearance. The back plate will be welded as well. Do I need a center support under the plate...
  9. dwcopple

    2015 - Old rider mower-now kart

    I need some help on how I should weld on supports for the engine mounting plate. Should I run an extra support under the center of the plate between the mounting holes too or is the front and back support enough? The plate is an Azusa from MFG supply. Those brown strips are 1-1/4" angle iron...
  10. dwcopple

    odd belt/chain custom tensioner jackshaft thingy

    $25+shipping OBO. Lemme know. I take PayPal as a gift. is best.
  11. dwcopple

    Hub on kart project is frozen to axle

    gonna see if I can get it pressed off tomorrow I guess. In the meantime I made a backup out of two axle shafts from an old craftsman transaxle by welding them together end to end while lying in a channel of angle iron layed on the vise. It stayed true miraculously. I would rather run the...
  12. dwcopple

    how thick does the engine mount plate need to be?

    I have a plate that was on an old rider. It is sort of thin but it will be well supported in 2-3 crosses under it. That'll be good right?
  13. dwcopple

    need a shorter dipstick LOL

    I need either the plug or the short dipstick for this 5hp horiz Briggs. This long one isn't gonna cut it. Anyone have a part number for it? I pulled this one and it is threaded in there but not NPT threads. Must take a plastic plug or short dipstick I'd guess.
  14. dwcopple

    can I use a fixed throttle engine with this jackshaft setup?

    run a pulley off the engine to the pulley on this and obviously a chain from sprocket to rear axle So in theory the "tensioner" would act as my centrifugal clutch then right? I would keep it spring loaded off the belt and then when twisting the throttle, it would pull the tensioner down...
  15. dwcopple

    36 tooth rear sprocket, how bad is that?

    So the kart project I have has a welded 36 tooth rear sprocket, what will this be like if I use a 10 tooth #35 centrifugal clutch on a 5hp Briggs? Should I look for a 60 tooth that I can bolt or weld to the 36 tooth instead? The axle is not keyed and is solid stock or I could run this...
  16. dwcopple

    Snowblower engine shaft too long???

    Plan on running a centrifugal clutch/sprocket. Can I run the clutch partway down the shaft???
  17. dwcopple

    HELP me figure out how to make this thing have variable throttle

    Briggs 6BSXS off a snow blower Prefer to keep governor intact. Currently set to run wide open all the time. Need to change that. HELP PLEASE!