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    GY6 150cc Go Kart - Will Not Start - Seized Flywheel,

    Gy6 150cc go kart .. Was driving it for about 15 mins around neighborhood. Heard a sound from the rear and the engine died completely. I went to start it again and my starter motor would not turn at all. Took casing off and went to move the flywheel by hand and it's locked up. Prior to this...
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    Latest Buy - Looks to be a 150cc GY6 Go Kart - Starting / Idling / Carburetor Issues

    Just bought this kart it's a much bigger kart than I have seen in a while. Only one I have seen of comparable size is a Tomberline Crossfire that I had at one time. Guy that I purchased it from gave me brief history on it. Kart was his wife's and her father had bought it for her a few years...
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    Rage Kart w/ 4 Bored & Modded Motors,Bully Clutch,Map & Blue Printed, & Tons of Parts

    Rage Kart w/ 4 Bored & Modded Motors,Bully Clutch,Map & Blue Printed, & Tons of Parts --- Reduced to $3k Today Only --- *Rage Nitro Kart w/ FOUR Bored & Modded Motors, BULLY Clutch, Mapped & Blue Printed - One w/ Chevy Piston. Tons of Extra...
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    :D I Know What It Is, But Don't What It Is Worth - Just Got It All Today :D

    :thumbsup:Traded for all of this and really don't know that much about race karts all together nor am I familiar with their chassis. I think it may be a RAGE. It came with 4 motors, 3 Briggs & 1 Honda. One has a small Chevy piston inside of it, I believe they are all Animal motors, he said...
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    Honda CBR Wicked Build in Action - VIDEO

    I've been meaning to jump on the forum and upload some videos and pics.. Here is a 40 second video. Flame shooting :) It's for sale also, if anyone wants any info on it let me know!
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    Wicked Build - Video - Enjoy!

    Walk around of my CBR Kart - walk around / idle / rev .. One of the fastest in the State. Feedback is appreciated... I worked really hard on this build :stir:
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    My Wicked Build Almost Completed!

    Here are some updated pics of the CBR Go Kart... Few little minor things to do, but visually it's finished. - Added New Passenger Seat, recovered to match the driver seat - New LED Headlights that swivel up and down (can be turned all the way back into the cockpit for lighting - New 55w Baja...
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    Honda CBR Go KArt - Extremely FAST

    I am selling my project go kart to someone lucky - it's not you everyday and it takes go karting to a whole new level. It's a super fast ride.. 100mph in 2nd gear kinda fast :) It's a Honda CBR 600rr bored out - 6-speed (shifter with clutch on handle - shifter with clutch on handle, 1-shift...
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    What is this? Derby Go Kart, I assume? Brand? Make? Custom?

    I obtained this frame from a guy who had just bought it and he didn't know anything about it. Does anyone have an idea of what it is? It definitely looks like a Derby Kart of some kind, big air ducts, big spring on one side, smaller spring on opposite, gas and brake pedal sit on the steering...
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    The Fastest Go Kart in the State of Mississippi?

    Sometimes you have to push the limitations of speed and ride the line of pure insanity, maybe that was my thought process going into this project. Pay no attention to the visuals of it.. cosmetics are the next phase. It will go a 100mph in 2nd gear. Next step is a wheelie bar. Feedback is...
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    Hydraulic brakes (Master Cylinder) HELP!!!

    On the pedal side of the master cylinder there is only a shaft and the rubber bushing that goes around the outside. I feel like its missing something. That does not seem like enough pressure to push the brakes. Basically it's a needle running through some outer rubber into a shell that just...
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    Tension Spring Dimensions?!?!

    I know there are a few different colors to choose from when it comes to the driven pulley on a torque converter. (Red, green, etc) The spring that was on here shows no color at all. It's a Vector Go Kart by American Sportworks. I can rebend the spring if its a little loose, but I don't know...
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    Can this Switch Be Made?!?! Tomberlin

    I have a Tomberlin Go Kart and a Vector Go Kart. The torque converter on this Vector Go Kart, I HATE. I wish Comet Industries would have figured out a better way to drive the driven pulley rather than these horrible nylon insert buttons inside the cam. They wear too easily and it sucks to not...
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    ZJ Hydraulic Brakes - HELP - Can't Get Them to Bleed!!!!

    I have a ZJ master cylinder off a Vector Fox Go Kart. The master cylinder part # 41744.. I was able to obtain the manual and parts manual, but I'm not familiar with how to clean these and trouble shoot, I usually buy new ones. But I figure the only way to be great at something is to know and...
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    Project 3 - I call it "The Bullet" - Feedback Appreciated!!!

    It has been a long journey in completing this project (approximately 2 months) HISTORY I bought the go kart from a local and it was far less then par to say the least. It needed to be stripped completely and almost every piece on it needed to be replaced. I took it upon myself to start from...
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    Vector Kart Torque Converter - driven pulley?!?!?!

    I took the torque converter apart and specifically to adjust the spring tension on the driven pulley. The previous owner had done something to it and bent the spring in an awkward oval position so I took it apart to reshape and bend it back to a perfectly circular shape. My problem... I don't...
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    Go Kart Shocks/Springs - HELP!!!

    I've never taken go kart shocks/springs apart before.. I know that some can't be detached, but maybe these can? Im taking them off to refinish them. Is there a secret to this or can someone point me in the right direction? It's a vector go kart. BTW.. I've already detached them from the go...
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    I call it "THE BEAST" ...

    My newest project has arrived. I got a really good deal on it. Need some feedback.. About to strip it down and paint it to bring the "new" look back. Any thoughts on colors to paint it? (I was thinking, graphite gray w/some sparkly silver flake deep in the paint) I'm not much on the the...
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    Help - Clutch Adjustment on 110cc Automatic!!!

    The engine on this go kart is an automatic w/ reverse 110cc 4 stroke. I noticed the engine rpm is reving too high before catching, even with weight of 150lbs 2 kids (says max load is 289lbs), so it definitely should not be dragging like this. So, the clutch could have crystallized and need to...
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    110cc Motor Oil.. Correct type or is it off?

    From what I've read (correct me if Im wrong)... A 110cc four stroke automatic w/reverse takes 15w40 motor oil? Seems a little extreme for this type engine or am I wrong? It's a Kandi 110cc Go Kart - KD-110GKA Anyone know the best to use or correct answer?