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  1. Hursty

    212cc Go cart custom built FAST! - $400

    This is a go cart that has been custom built. Has a 212cc engine with a max torque converter clutch. Has a max speed of about 40mph. Its insanely fast will get your heart pumping Any questions just ask. i dont see any brakes on this...
  2. Hursty

    Nice Cart Way over Priced

    (Hi I have a go cart for sale it is very clean and runs great!! I also have a spare set of rear tires for it!! I'm asking 1700 obo. Call or text Kris at)
  3. Hursty

    Hursty's Kart File

    My Daughters Ride the infamous Yerf Mutt :2guns: Manco Intruder i picked up in January (:wai: my ride!) Still sitting in storage waiting till the Mutt is finished Here are two Mancos i picked up The Yellow one i picked up last summer with the Yerfdog in a package deal :thumbsup: The black...
  4. Hursty

    Military Engine

    this is cool.:thumbsup: I may have to buy and build something for it.:auto: they don't show the shaft, so i'm not sure what type or size.
  5. Hursty

    Harbor Freight Inside Track Club

    is anyone here a member of the inside track club? :idea2: is it worth it to join? :drool5:
  6. Hursty

    Jet powered shopping cart Jet Powered Kart Wow! at least the shipping is cheap :roflol: It does look cool though. i like the black and orange
  7. Hursty

    650cc Kart
  8. Hursty

    stuffed in a corner at work

    Found this stuffed in a corner of our warehouse.:thumbsup: I seen it before but kinda forgot about it. well they were cleaning up an moving stuff around today, so i took some pics of it. i Don't know much about it other than it was the owners kid's school project.:auto: he told me to make him...
  9. Hursty

    Yerf dog 3202 Rebuild

    Some new parts came today and i have a few questions the A-arm and spindles came with no hardware of any kind :mad2: Are there suppose to be bushings where i put the red lines my old ones did not have this much of a gap. will this pull together when i tighten it up or am i missing some pieces...
  10. Hursty

    Kart on CL (Margate $750.00)

  11. Hursty

    there are few cheap karts in my area

    (I bought this a few years ago, and had a lot of fun with it. But kids are getting bigger, and not interested in it anymore Big knobby tires on the back, brand new New belt, sure it needs a tune up now. Has a 5hp Briggs and Stratton engine, has emergency turn off switch, it has some age on it...
  12. Hursty

    Retractable seat belts

    I am looking for reasonably priced retractable seat belts that would work on my Yerf dog 3202.something like the Manco Intruder has. well at least 1 for the passenger side i dont like the idea of the stock ones just flopping around BMI dosent have any. an i havent had much luck with google...
  13. Hursty

    Hello from eastern pa

    Hello everybody!! how is everyone doing? its been a long time since i have been a member of a forum. thought this would be a good one my kids are just getting into go karts. so im gonna need info on repairs and mods I own a yerf Dog 3202 that needs alot of help ordering new a-arms ,seat...