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  1. DMCdesign


    Hello people. Atomic customs just got a new project of building a pedal powered atv. We figured out the rest but the live rear axle's bugging us. How do I build the rear axle to fit two bicycle wheels? I do want them and the axle to freewheel together Cheers, DMCdesign
  2. DMCdesign

    Calling on all designers

    Hey guys, does anyone have the ability to convert this mediocre sketch into a full blown design. This was a result of timepass gone good Thanks a ton DMCdesign
  3. DMCdesign

    pimp ma ride....

    hello guys. Dis time im here wid an objective of making ma ride fast. My sedan (a swift dzire, only found in india) does a lousy 100mph unlike my suv, powered by a monster diesel that touches a 119. So any of u know of cheap mods that will turn it into a rocket?
  4. DMCdesign

    a battery, finally

    Yeah, u read it right I had almost left the hope of making an e scoot when I stumble upon dis- Will it be right for an outrunner motor?
  5. DMCdesign

    Freedom and Minibikes...... STAGE 2

    alright, today i'm gonna go in the scoot boneyard to get myself a decent front and rear axle assembly. this is my spitball- engine- 80-100cc power- 4.5-8 hp tires- 11- 12" at most front- telescopic rear- swing arm hopefully, I'll get you guys photos
  6. DMCdesign

    JUST engines

    well, lets begin this discussion by seeing which engine is the most lightweight and efficient, LET IT RIP!
  7. DMCdesign

    bicycle wheels for a show-kart?

    guys, I just wanted to know, will bicycle wheels and tires work for a kart only for show and very light riding purpose? I just saw some sa-weet bike tires that would look good with whitewalls 'design
  8. DMCdesign

    Project "What the frack"

    As you all may know, I had started on the all terrain scooter when something inspired me bad. What will happen if I combine a kick scooter and a quadbike? Pretty crazy right? 'design
  9. DMCdesign

    Cars I dream about....

    I am a huge car nut and love cars. I always dream about some- the Toyota Corolla GT-S, the nissan silvia s15 and the ford f150 svt raptor so whats your dream ride?
  10. DMCdesign

    Super long scoot discussion

    I had started on building my first motorised project and wanted to get enlightened on the engine choices. so far- I am thinking of a 65 cc CDI 4hp engine off a moped or a 100 cc 8hp sccot engine with matching drive system, suspension and tires and wheels what do you think guys? 'design
  11. DMCdesign

    freedom and minibikes........

    okay! I got free from 9th grade today and I have got 17 days for myself! :cheers2::cheers2: So I will be thinking of building a minibike from bicycles and electric motors........:stir::stir::stir::stir: I have got questions........ should I take a stock frame and slap all things on it? or go...
  12. DMCdesign

    Redneck motor controller......

    I just got an idea...... how about hooking up a fan speed controller to an over- volt/load regulator to make a cheap motor controller?
  13. DMCdesign

    we the petters......

    since mine and poboys pet discussion pulled us off topic and the thread was going the undesired route, I decided to start another thread. I will begin with a question that all the posting members will have to answer- what is your pet? :useless: :popcorn:
  14. DMCdesign

    What the heck......

    been getting a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo into my head and thought to take a break and this is what I find..... what do you think about the drive?
  15. DMCdesign

    Ummm....... TRIMOTOR!!!!

    I know, this looks a bit exaggerating in the flesh. I had planned to create a trimotor for fun from three small RC motors.... Have the first one, need two more. Meanwhile, can anyone spill the beans as to how will the 3 motors deliver their power to the mutual shaft?:popcorn:
  16. DMCdesign

    Doc, Spare a thought for this......

    hey guys! after my maths test, Its time to chase my hobby for a while- WRITING! I had started to write a sci-fi novella, but never reached the second draft...... Chapter 1 Part 1 coming up fron the next post PS- Oh, and doc, since you are on bedrest, this should give you some mild entertainment!
  17. DMCdesign

    What should I have in pedal power kart?

    My teachers seemed pretty happy with my class performance and advised me to build a kart and they also said that they would support me. I have thought to build a small and light pedal car and then upgrade to electrics. They also told me to spend a lot of time at the drawing board. So my question...
  18. DMCdesign

    spill the beans!- go kart build materials

    lets have a short debate on go kart build materials. Let me begin with a few words- steel vs. Aluminium vs. Carbon fiber- which will win?
  19. DMCdesign

    model engineers....... I need you here

    hi y'all! I Know I have been out for a long while now....... But I have come out with a plan that might interest the entities here- I have got an exhibition in my school that I want to rule. I am stuck on the steam engine Idea and want to build one that would not be much big. It should be hand...
  20. DMCdesign

    What does your ride look like?

    The name says it all. Show off your ride. and give a short description of it Let it rip!