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  1. ultralight01

    New kart, Kasea Adventure Buggy Rebuild.

    I got a Kasea Adventure buggy for $100 yesterday. The engine has seen better days. The axle is also wrapped in fishing line, the roll cage slightly bent, and there's a sad paint job. I'm not bothering with the engine, I'm going to put an ATV engine with transmission on it. The engine was...
  2. ultralight01

    I broke it

    I dropped a predator 212 and broke off the spark plug cap. It is snapped in two. I've been looking around and, people don't sell these things like other parts. What are my options for a new spark plug boot?
  3. ultralight01

    What do you think? Plastic air filter adaptor I'm printing this today. I find it very interesting, perhaps the plastic may work on a predator. I guess we shall see. I'll be using this filter...
  4. ultralight01

    Wrong area, but need a part

    If anyone has a spare hemi predator push rod I really need one and can pay for shipping. I'm about to rebuild an old dingo with a predator 6.5hp. Thank you!
  5. ultralight01

    Quick Question

    On the 212 hemi, can I block off the breather tube to the valve cover or does it need a small air filter? Because I'm taking the stock air cleaner box off. Thanks
  6. ultralight01

    Cheapest 1" shaft TC Interesting...
  7. ultralight01

    More predators for 80 bucks. Yaaaaaaa
  8. ultralight01

    Motorized Bike Time. A cheap, law-dodging Moped!

    So, I'm about to build a motorized bike. (Most of you are probably already familiar with these, but I ramble about them below anyway) I've ordered an 80cc two stroke kit, and I have an old Trek mountain bike ready to convert. These kits are awesome. You can find them on ebay for $99, and they...
  9. ultralight01

    Maybe a new, good concept. Speedometer setup

    Was browsing on some buggy forums, and they have a good solution for putting speedos on. Since the wheels have suspension and they're moving all over the place, it can be hard for the speedo to work right. So... They put the magnet for the speedo on the axle sprocket! I think it's a pretty good...
  10. ultralight01

    Well, my engine blew up

    Title says it all. Was going top speed when my engine failed last night, drifting in a rainy parking lot. There is now no resistance when I pull the cord, but I hear parts moving. The engine is running at the correct fuel/air ratio now, but when I was running it too lean before, the engine...
  11. ultralight01

    Running too lean.

    So I took my birel kart out again today. As I was driving it a puff of white smoke came out of the exhaust. Before that the kart had slowed down to a quarter speed for about five minutes until I finally pulled over. I believe, considering the backfiring on deceleration, that the engine is...
  12. ultralight01

    Suzuki 500cc 36HP engine on Craigslist This thing is insane, and for the price of a predator. There's a hole in the gearbox that could be repaired. Man, is it even safe to put this on a kart? 100+MPH easily with that power and gearbox on a shifter kart frame.
  13. ultralight01

    Craigslist Suzuki 185. Considering buying

    I have been enjoying flipping go karts and having projects. The Suzuki 185 motorcycles are common and affordable, but this one seemed like a good deal. I called the guy and he hasn't had much interest, but hey, it's winter, and it's a good time to find these things for cheap and fix them up...
  14. ultralight01

    To muffle or not to muffle?

    So I'm enjoying my kart but, of course, the straight pipe is loud as heck. I have an idea for a muffler that is very DIY and kinda trashy, but I've held it up to my exhaust pipe while it was running and it sounds great. My question is, will I need to adjust the carburetor to avoid making the mix...
  15. ultralight01

    Go kart fun video

    These are just some random guys having fun, but it shows how freaking fun a couple of hard Kart's can be and the importance of roll cages. I have never had more fun than drifting a yard kart in the mud, huge puddles, and snow.
  16. ultralight01

    When the chain. Doesn't. Stay. On.

    So, I've fixed my Birel. Kart's great, engine's great, brand new sprocket and clutch. But the chain won't stay on. I've tightened the axle, tightenedthe sprocket, moved the clutch and locked it down with a lock washer and loctite, made sure the alignment was correct... Yet after 30 seconds of...
  17. ultralight01

    Go kart crash on the news That's just sad. Should've jumped out of the kart, but he's just nine. Another girl hit a wire fence here in Oregon and nearly chopped hear head off (killed her). Don't mix inexperienced...
  18. ultralight01

    My Birel Go kart thread.

    I thought I'd go ahead and make a thread for my '97 Birel kart that I got for $450. It needs and engine, which I am still planning on and saving for. For now, I'm dissasembly get the back axle, painting the bodywork, and a couple other things. I need new bearings and a new sprocket. Current...
  19. ultralight01


    Where would a up but a KT100 or similar engine with the flywheel and clutch for under $800? Also, a friend of mine is selling a 600cc 2 stroke jet ski for $500. How hard would a jet ski engine be to adapt to a go kart? Probably really hard right? I don't even know how you'd out a #35 clutch gear...
  20. ultralight01

    Gopowersports has FIRST CLASS MAIL! :O

    AMAZING! Gopowersports has started using first class mail. NO MORE with $17 shipping for a bearing!