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    Manco Dingo

    I've finally completed my Dingo project after five years of blood sweat and tears. Most, if not all of you know the journey I took to finish this kart. It is not really a huge accomplishment, as I have spent a massive amount of time due to my non existent income. I am still proud of myself...
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    Manco Dingo throttle issue

    Hey everyone! I’m back again and doing some tweaks to my dingo. I got it running and driving recently and did some wheelies on it today. I just pulled the governor out and started the engine back up and it ran at full rpm without stopping instead of idling. I figured I should completely redo...
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    Mango Dingo Build (continuation) 2021

    Anyone know the axle size for a Manco Baja 200 kart? Trying to get my parts list together once again and maybe finish my project this year.
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    manco dingo 2020

    hey everyone if you don’t remember me, i’m Ethan. I’ve been restoring a manco dingo for the last four years on and off. finally decided to finish it with a bang this year after taking pretty much a three year break. this weekend i’m going to go pick up a honda gx390 13 hp and fabricate the...
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    Pw80 Bottom End Rebuild!

    Hey guys! :P Today I’m keeping a log on my old pitbike rebuild. Enjoy! Right now I’m about to drain transmission oil. EDIT: [pls excuse double posts I’m a fast worker.] Can’t forget the box fan! UPDATE: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!!! I opened it up and found out that the problem was:......... (drumroll...
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    I have an announcement to make!!!

    Hello old friends and newbies! I’M BACK MOMMAH! From here on out I will try to be more active... buuuutttt that’s not the point ;) So, I got a couple small average jobs that I make a pretty good amount of money on, and. *inhales* I am going to buy a new dirtbike that actually fits me. I have my...
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    BIG Project.

    Hey guys! I apologize for my inactivity we have a very busy life and you know what being a teenager is like... AAAANYWAY.... I found I nice bike on Craigslist:http:// Bottom end rebuild sounds fun :P So I started to get my...
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    Mango Dingo sale, trade, salvage

    I am sorry to say... that I will be getting rid of my Dingo. I’ve done a lot to it, don’t know what I should charge, so please make an offer, worst I could say is no. (because it is not in working condition) it is a nice, fast kart with plenty of torque, I think it just needs engine work and...
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    Help! Pitbike throttle issue!

    Hey guys, I know it’s been a minute, glad to be here again. So I’ve got a problem with my (either) 1986 or 2006 Yamaha pw80 (yea, it’s a dirt bike) I cleaned the carburetor out real good tonite and now when I kick (start) it it will immediately bust out on full throttle. Help please, this...
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    I rebuilt this pw80 last night and now I'm going to repair the clutch.
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    Bigger belt?

    Good morning everybody, enjoy the story. A Go Kart sits in a tennessee garage. It wonders why it does not go, it feels uncomfortable in the drive train area because the last time it was started, it immediately took off out of excitement. Now it sits and wonders why it cannot even move, even if a...
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    Peace 110cc solenoid

    Hey guys, do you know where I can find a starter solenoid that is not plastic?
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    What the ****!

    Why is my gokart so **** hard to push, and when it's started, it takes off by itself whether the brakes are on or not. :mad2::mad2::mad2::mad2:
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    Anyone got an extra engine laying around? :D :ack2::idea2::furious2:
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    My dingo won't move

    I tried to push it, but it doesn't move. I oiled it, but it still doesn't move. AND the belt slips. I tried to drive it yesterday, but the engine was making a noise that did not make me happy. Hopefully I'm going to get a new pushrod today.
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    What could it be?

    What does it mean when your 212 POPS really loudly and won't start? Spark plug bad???
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    Looking for a Manco jackshaft plate

    Simple as it sounds. I need a new one, nobody in town has the right kind of pipe. Pics
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    Free torque upgrades?

    My dingo is not going to have near to enough torque. Everyone knows that. A 5:1 gear ratio is not going to get me anywhere, so HOW IN THIS INCREDIBLY BIG WORLD am I going to be able to get at least two FREE torque upgrades????? Help, please! This is the wall between being done...
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    Chicago Electric 90 amp welder mods?

    How could I mod my welder for better duty cycle and etc.? I just like modding stuff and I DO need the duty cycle. Thanks in advance
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    I cut my jackshaft plate in half on accident, curious about a new one or doing some real diy. If I have to get a new one, which one should I get? If I have to make one, which kit or which stuff do I have to get? Which is cheaper? Willing to weld now that I have some good wire:cool: I'll get pics...