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  1. StratCat

    Chopper Time

    Picked up an odd ball chopper today. Looking forward to this new build.. Picked it up on FaceBook online garage sale site. $ 25.00 I don't plan to continue with chopper style but more of a bobber style. :idea2: Album
  2. StratCat

    Engine Dampener

    Any one use or know where I can get engine mount vibration dampeners ? Using a HF 212cc 6.5 ...
  3. StratCat

    Manco Big Cat

    Picked up a great deal. Stopped by an old mower repair shop in Paris, Texas and bought a Manco Big Cat. $ 50.00 :smiley_omg: Plan to power it using a HF Predator 212cc :wai:
  4. StratCat

    Model Help

    Looking for any info on model # of Manco single seat. Picked it up for $ 50.00 with two engines. Any help is appreciated. More pics uploaded to gallery. Also it came with (3) tires 4inch rims. The drive tire is 5 inch rim. It really does not effect the cart. I have searched online but have...
  5. StratCat

    North Texas

    New here from Grayson County, Texas :wai: Building an old Manco single seater for the Grandson. I'm sure this will not be the only one ! Happy to find a site with such great information for us grow in the hobby. :cornut: