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    New Comet 30 series Aluminum weights

    Comet Aluminum weights. $25 SHIPPED. Never used. I also have new pink Garter springs. $30 for springs and aluminum weights. Payment via PayPal only. Thanks!
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    A quick story...ALWAYS check your belts

    Working on the BT200x tonight. Getting it ready for it’s maiden voyage. I go to start it and there is a ton of resistance. Odd. Kept trying. Tried to roll bike back. Wouldn’t go back. At this point I’m thinking it must have committed suicide in the night. Give it one more pull and it roars to...
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    Jackshaft, clutch, 72tooth sprocket

    New Coleman jackshaft with the chain. $28 shipped New 5/8 coleman BT200x clutch. $20 shipped 72 tooth Coleman sprocket. Basically new. About 2 miles on it. $30 shipped. PayPal only. Humble, Tx
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    Tav 2 help

    Ok guys I need some insight. This is on a minibike but it is for the tav 2. Build: 196 Head shaved .070 Ported/polished 18lb springs 32 degrees timing on stock flywheel Billet +.020 rod Stock piston Mikuni vm22 Staged Header Upgraded msd wire 3910x plug Cl1 cam Rider+bike=260lbs Tav 30...
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    Kart Calculator-itsid

    Hey bud. I’ve been using your calculator a while with great results. Today I used it and it seems to have changed. Before when entering wheel height all was fine. Now when I enter wheel height it converts it’s down. For instance, on my mini bike I enter 19. It then converts it to inches when I...
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    Baja Viper (db30R)

    Lttle doodlebug I’ve been working on. Sanded and painted the frame. Motovox suspension upgrade. Snow Hog tires. 70 tooth sprocket. Need to find some risers and bars. Hydraulic Brake waiting to be installed. My daughter loves it! I had to cut down the stock unequal length spacers to make it fit...
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    Mikuni/Chikuni Carb sizing

    Need some advice on carb sizing. I have a few 212s. Id like to upgrade the carbs. I have one VM22 in hand. 2 of the engines have small cams, 10.75:1 compression and ported:polished heads, and 32 degrees timing. Will the 22mm be appropriate for this or do I need a 24mm? What is the best way...
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    Torque converter Garter springs

    Trying to pick Garter Springs for best performance. 212 non hemi. Flat top piston. .030 shave. Mod2 cam. Billet rod/flywheel. Header. Intake. 22mm mikuni. Ported/polished head. 22lb springs. Champion rockers. Tires-18” Gearing 6:1 or 6.75:1 Lightweight single seater kart. 30 series. Green...
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    Coleman CT200u-EX Flywheel upgrade?

    Hey guys. I’m modding the factory 196 on the Coleman. I want to keep the 196 because of its lighting coils. I was pondering upgrading the flywheel but I do not know if there is a billet piece that is compatible with the lighting coils. Anyone know if there is a flywheel available or am I stuck...
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    Manco Thunderbird?

    I picked this up this evening. I believe it is a Manco Thunderbird but I could be wrong. Frame is in good condition with no rust. Seat is perfect. I want to know if there is anything out there that will bolt on in place of the factory U-Bolts for the handlebars? Also, is the tank a functional...
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    Coleman CT200U-EX front end help

    Hey guys. I’m putting a 200ex back together. Looking at the parts diagram it shows on the triple tree a washer on top and a washer on the bottom. No washers in between, just the frame tube with the bearings and bolt. I put it together like that. (I also found a small washer when I took it...
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    Doodlebug DB30-RR

    I snagged a doodlebug the other day. All original. The powdercoating is in awesome shape. It ran but would die. $8 carb from amazon has the bike running great now. Cleaned out the tank for good measure. A 212 is in the near future but until then I’m going to teach the kids to ride!
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    Coleman 200u ex- massive oil leak

    Picked up a ct200u ex. Starts first pull and runs exactly as expected...19mph. After parking it almost 1/2 of the oil leaks out. It is not leaking from the oil full or the drain. Also not leaking from sidecover or side cover bearing/seal. Nor is it leaking from head or breather. Does this...
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    Baja Warrior MB 165 “LEEP” build

    I picked up an old Baja recently. It had a 212 on it with a torque converter. The frame looked good but it needed some tlc overall. I have a problem just making things work...I tend to try to make them better, which always results in more money than the project is worth haha. Anyway, I have...
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    Any idea what this kart is?

    I came across this. Anyone know what type of kart it is? It is hard to tell if it was manufactured this way or it has been chopped up. Interesting swingarm for sure. Thanks!
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    Trailmaster, Coleman-Tear axle size

    Ok folks. I need some help. Looking at online retailers and OEM parts manuals both the trailmaster Mb200 and the Coleman ct200u list the rear axle as 14mm in diameter. The rear wheel on both list 6202RS bearings. These bearings are 15mm. I have a coleman wheel sitting here and the 14mm axle...
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    Baja Warrior

    I picked up a Baja Warrior (or a Baja Mb200, not sure) today. It has a predator on it with a torque converter. Runs and drives as is. Needs some cosmetic help (paint) but frame is in great condition and engine starts first pull. The header is atrocious. It is moveable, flex pipe. It sounds...
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    3206 Build begins

    I picked this 3206 up a few weeks ago. Original Howhit. Wiring torn to bits so not running, but engine spins freely and ran purportedly a year ago. The frame is in great shape. The floorpan needs some repair. The swingarm is trash. I began the tear down tonight. Pulling the engine was...
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    Manco Dingo 390

    Drove out today to check out a kart and ended up taking it home. It’s a Manco 390 with the trailer hitch on the rear and a 9hp Briggs with comet 40 series. Looks to be completely original. Even the seat is factory (headrest seat was used for backrest) The kart is in overall great shape...
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    Interesting kart

    I saw a unique kart today. I only grabbed one picture due to the nature of the situation but regardless, pretty sweet. It looks to be a vintage kart. Possibly a Bird Engineering kart or an old Manco. I don’t know. . The unique part is the rear. It is a reverse trike. One wheel centered in the...