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    Ec billet side cover

    I just saw the new billet side cover has a bearing for the cam vs the Arc billet cover that dont have the extra bearing for the cam what would that help in ok the cam faster spining or noy really any advantage over the Arc
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    Whats the .080 crankshaft

    Hi guys any one have experience with the +.080clone crank shaft on a hemi bloke and from what clone did the crank come from ...any help would be great thanks
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    Need help here .80 bored block

    Can any of the experience guys tell me if the predator block can be bored .80 and still be used for track racing or will it not hold to much heat at the race
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    Mod 2 cam rpms

    Can any body talk to me about the mod 2 cam on nr 1.2 rollers i know the cam pulls to 7000 but my question is from what rpm does it start pulling good drom 2k to 7k or from 4k to 7k ---------- Post added at 10:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:38 PM ---------- And compare to a cl1i cam...
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    Roller rockers newbie

    Hi guys im new here i have a hemi with 18lbs springs and a cl1-i cam milled .30 head and .10 head gasket what rollee rockers can i used with the set up 1.2 or 1.3 and what would be the advantage over stock
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    Billet flywheel

    Well im about to get a billet flywheel for my hemi what can i spect with it gains up top or better on the botton to midrange i would like to hear reviews from any one who has one on a minibike
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    Hemi 212cc on cl1i cam

    I guys im new here and i have a hemi 212cc just install a cl1i cam and i notice i lost a little low end power install a #8 key on it could that key be less like a #7 soo i could get a better low end power