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  1. kendelrk

    2000 Crown Victoria

    Over the past two days, i have managed to junk my work car (2003 mercury sable, cracked block :censored:) and got a 2000 Crown Victoria with only 84K on the odometer. the price being whatever i got for scrapping my work car. So now after cleaning it out and such, i have started to make plans for...
  2. kendelrk

    Window switch

    I'm having issues finding a master window switch for a 1997 mercury mystique, this car is similar to the ford contour. The problem is that the switch that was/is in the car has an auto down option on the drivers window and a 16 pin harness, opposed to the standard i believe 12 pin pin harness...
  3. kendelrk

    Anyone know what these are worth?

    I found these at a local yard sale, and picked them up for 20$. I cant seem to find much information about them or what they're worth. I'm currently powering them with my sony amp and cell phone and they sound great.
  4. kendelrk

    Plastidip paintjob

    Has anyone here ever thought of using plastidip as a paint for a kart or their car? i see alot of people around here and in videos that use it for a new look, and if they ever get tired of it they can just peel it off. I think its a great idea.
  5. kendelrk

    baja warrior/heat/mini baja and torque converters

    A while ago i believe i took these pictures for another member who was having problems mounting his 30 series tav2 to his mini baja due to clearances, and i thought they may be useful for the future. The engine that i had to do this for was the stock baja motor, but it should be the same for...
  6. kendelrk

    Lucas fuel treatment

    my uncles car had some experiences where his car would hesitate, stumble, and once he got moving it would downshift rather hard, my moms car doing the same. When they got their cars checked out they were told that everything was fine and it was just due to cold weather. my uncle then poured a...
  7. kendelrk

    Daily driver

    I'm randomly bored and interested to see what peoples daily drivers are. so post up some pics, please don't rip any from the internet. So here's mine, 2003 mercury sable ls premium, 200hp duratec engine,24 valve DOHC,auto transmission,and 81,678 miles.
  8. kendelrk

    Craigslist scam?

    So i received an identical looking dirt bike to mine from a friend who said he no longer wanted it, and to sell it and split the money with him. i put the ad up for around 500 and got an email just a day later, i just got this email and i think its a scam, what about you guys? Hello, Thanks...
  9. kendelrk

    Galaxy s3 or iphone 5?

    So my phone decided to execute itself today, i prefer the android os. i only like ios on my ipod. im getting the s3 from metropcs tommorow, which phone do you guys think is better?
  10. kendelrk

    Is gokartsusa legit?

    im thinking about ordering a honda mini trail replica, or sachs madass 125cc from them sometime in the future, but i hear some bad things about their shipping and customer service. has anybody ever dealt with them in a big purchase?
  11. kendelrk

    scooter tire on dirt bike?

    I recently picked up a 70cc 3 or 4 speed semi-auto dirt bike capable of around 50mph. Im planning to make this bike street legal with a baja designs dual sport kit. My state requires DOT approved tires to register. my tire size is 2.75-10, would this scooter tire work on my rim...
  12. kendelrk

    manual shifting automatic = gas saver?

    so as ive been told by many, manual cars are much better on gas than an automatic, and i dont mind shifting. i drive an automatic 2003 sable LS, would manually shifting the transmission help save gas?
  13. kendelrk

    Headlight oxidization removal

    own an older car with oxidized headlights? maybe you already know, but oxidization can be removed from headlight lenses with toothpaste. weve all seen the headlight restore kits that require a drill of some sorts but this seems much easier. just grab two rags, a dollar tube of toothpaste and...
  14. kendelrk

    lighting options

    Hi all, and welcome to all new members, when i switched motors to a predator and my coil wouldnt work i didnt worry about it, but im heading to north Carolina now and i need to have working lights for some darker trail riding, better to be safe than sorry. do i have any options at all without...
  15. kendelrk

    baja heat/warrior steering setup

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a blow up or picture on how the spacing and rubber mounts are set up on the handlebar holder to the triple trees, I couldn't figure it out. Also what do I fill my front shocks with? They seem sort of dry,
  16. kendelrk

    6.5 hp for parts or whole

    Hi all, i have a 6.5 hp honda clone from my baja mini bike. it was swapped out with a predator. the engine will need a few things to run again as some parts have been pulled to help out the new kid on the street to get his kart running. you would need : a new carb, (15$ ebay) crank bearing (like...
  17. kendelrk

    torque converter major problem

    so today i have done a number of things, i took off the back tire and sanded and done my brakes, changed the spacing on my driver for my torque converter and ended up having to take off my driven due to having to get the chain correctly in place for the back tire. i was putting my driven back on...
  18. kendelrk

    WTB:predator exhaust

    Hi, im looking for an exhaust for my predator thats in my baja heat, i know that there are frame restrictions and its hard to fab for but i think its crap to pay 55 $ and shipping for this...
  19. kendelrk

    mounting plate

    So i have someone ready to weld up my motor mount, but its so thin and gone im ready to get a thicker, and nicer one. i need one EXACTLY like the one on my baja, but i cant find specs and i dont feel confident with what i got for measurements. i need it thick, mounting holes for my predator, and...
  20. kendelrk

    JB-weld motor mount

    So as you guys know I've had a problem with the front left side of my Baja's motor mount cracking, so today I figured before I go to get a new mount and get it all welded on I'd try an alternative, I jb welded the crack and even the solid welds just for the hell of it. Do you guys think it will...