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    Rear Sprockets 6 bolt 5 1/4 circle

    If they like it ( I can't imagine a 10 year old boy not liking a Go Kart ) and spend some time behind the wheel it might surprise you just how quick they good at controlling it and even pushing it a little. Another added bonus, in a few more years when it comes time for a driver's licenses it...
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    Rear Sprockets 6 bolt 5 1/4 circle

    What are you running for a drive system, centrifugal clutch or torque converter? I see people get very involved with the axle sprocket and sort of forget about the drive sprocket which has at least as much influence on the final drive ratio. I can understand why you want to stay with steel. A...
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    Rear Sprockets 6 bolt 5 1/4 circle

    Running a #50 chain is definitely overkill unless you plan to run some very serious horsepower, but more than that is you will limit your ability of sprockets at least in the go kart world as the #50 is not at all common.
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    212 wont rev all the way

    If you're going to delete the governor again do yourself a favor and install a aftermarket rod and flywheel. Don't want to read your 2nd post about how your engine won't run right. As for breaking it in pretty sure it's right there in the manuel. Your first engine probably was dying from over...
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    Sup from Central IL

    sometimes those P O S projects turn themselves into the best ones. The ball is in your court.
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    Coleman KT196 Issue

    If it uses a torque converter it sounds like the drive clutch is sticking. Take it apart (not complicated, dozens of videos ) there is a heavy cast part about 1" in diameter with 4 sort of clover leaf rounded corners . Get some fine sandpaper 300 to 400 grit and sand ALL of the surfaces on this...
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    Help needed with torque convertor.

    From your other post your belt alignment looks good but the bolt holding on the drive clutch looks downright scary. I've never had one do what you are describing and I have 6 vehicles with torque converters. The Amazon and E-bay units are the same as all the torque converters. They are all made...
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    I put a torque converter on a Manco Interceptor

    On anything but a small wheeled racing kart a torque converter is the ONLY way to fly.
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    SOLVED->Broke off Bolt in ARC con rod-extraction tips?

    I think growing up without much ( expensive toys like go karts ) as it sounds like many of us did, it just makes it that much more fun to somewhat spoil kids and grandkids. I can still remember a bicycle shop that sold brand new karts, $100. This was in 1958 and I was 10 years old. $100 might...
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    SOLVED->Broke off Bolt in ARC con rod-extraction tips?

    So you do know about torque converters. With that spring and in that position, It will keep the clutch from opening up thus letting the engine wind up easier. Kinda strange what you are describing about the bolt. I always thought that they used ARP bolts which are if not the best you can buy...
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    there was a screw in my engine

    How bad do you want or need it?
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    SOLVED->Broke off Bolt in ARC con rod-extraction tips?

    Your stock rod won't live at 7k and probably not at 6k, but certainly longer at 6 than 7. Does the kart still have the torque converter drive in it? Those do help a little in limiting top end RPM as compared to a simple centrifugal clutch. Once they get into high gear they tax the engine pretty...
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    Old Manco Quicksilver... Worn off serial number?

    I have an old Yerf-Dog kart that had no factory I. D. marks of any kind. I wanted to get a off road sticker ( license ) for it so it could be used leagaly in off road parks. We don't the insurance requirement you have, but I was able to get the state of California DMV to issue a vehicle I. D...
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    420 predator

    Yeah, I also always thought that the noise created by an internal combustion engine was created by the explosion in the combustion chamber. I guess when it gets really hot this summer and I have my air conditioning running real hard I better make sure my porch muffler is working before I open up...
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    420 predator

    Hey Dfish For mufflers I like the RLV brand sold by Go Power Sports and OMB warehouse I am sure that they are sold by many other shops as well. I 've done a ton of business with those two places, so that's why I mentioned them. I don't know how much they lower the decibel level, probably not a...
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    Live Axle Kit Install Issues

    If the axle is keyed take same emory cloth or fine sandpaper you need for smoothing the axle and work on the corners of the keyway, there are usually burrs along the milled edge. After that work on the inside of your hub and anything else to be slid into the axel. After you get it all smooth...
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    Hi from central NC

    The karts I own are all two seater, live axle with roll cages. More like mini dune buggies. They have a wheel base of 60" and a back of seat to pedal distance of 37" - 38" . I am 6' even and at 73 no I can't get in and out of them easily, but once seated I am comfortable enough. Just bought a...
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    Hemi? Or not...

    I hear you on the paint. We have some crazy regulations here. I am fine with the non hemi's. All of mine are built and from what I understand with the hemi you get into valve - piston clearance problems with much less cam lift due to the canted angle of the valves. So all good here. Enjoying...
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    Hemi? Or not...

    redflash, same thing here. I live a little north of San Diego and have purchased four of them. Three over the counter in the store and another on line delivered to my home, all were non hemi.
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    Hemi? Or not...

    Non hemi has an almost round eight sided valve cover. Hemi has a larger rectangular shaped valve cover. The difference is the way the valves sit in the head and the shape of the combustion chamber. Really makes no difference which one you buy. Only if you start to hop up or modify your engine...