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    Flathead vs. Predator

    I'm a little conflicted here, I was gonna start calling JTSpeedDemon "Boy Wonder" Stolen from Facebook.
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    Flathead - Controlled valve float - slapper cams I've tried to explain this a couple of times. Unfortunately I don't think I did an adequate job. This old tech article from Dynocams does a much better job. I think it's important for flathead guys to...
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    Bearing sidecover (stock Briggs)

    No longer available.
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    Briggs Raptor rods #555207

    No longer available.
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    Steam powered mini

    Stolen from Facebook.
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    CVTech Series 06 Another 1" bore clutch option.
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    A few pics from the Dragway

    Jr. Dragsters, Jet cars, cool cars. Larry Dixons two seater.
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    Arc kit
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    What's on the grill?

    First time grilling for me this year. Beer Brats, Kingsford Competition charcoal, chunks of Applewood, and a little Sweet Baby Rays. Oh, and plenty of alcoholic, or non (we don't discriminate here) beverages for all.
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    It's cold out there. -10°f -20°f wind chill. South West Michigan
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    Malcolm Young RIP

    6 January 1953 – 18 November 2017
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    V plex 2 speed clutch
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    good advice for ethanol users

    Everyone knows ethanol can cause problems.
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    Samsung Galaxy and Bixby

    Finally with the latest Bixby update you can kill the annoying Bixby button, without having to use third party utilities that Samsung broke anyhow.
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    Dyno for sale I'm tempted, but can't justify it.
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    Twisted Twin

    This is at a local auction place. It sold for $300, but closer to $500 after fees and title/ registration. I believe the engine is a Honda CX500. Maybe a GL, maybe a 650. Seized up...
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    local online auction engine

    This beast came with a pile of other engine parts. No idea what make/model or anything. It's incomplete, mostly cast iron. It does crank over, but unless I fall on another pile of parts real soon, or someone could use it is gonna end up in the cast iron pile. Pics for the fun of it.
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    1980 Honda Odyssey FL250

    I just bought this for a good price. Thanks to Texan for sharing the find. It's a non runner right now. Rough but complete. The engine turns over by hand and appears to have decent compression. The pull starter was improperly assembled. I'm confident it will be functional, all the parts are...
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    Make Your Own Trail Scooter
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    New guy from West Michigan

    Poor Me, Poor Me OzFab, Always let your conscience be your guide. About CHECK POST, I'm not begging for sympathy. But after 2 years the government is is going to take away about $400 per month for health insurance. My advice is don't choose to get diabetes. You crazy guys. LOVE ME HATE ME. I...