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    Help please: Master cylinder problem

    I am having an issue with half of the master cylinder not working. I hooked up the front brakes to the two ports on one half, they seem to work fine. The single live axel caliper is hooked to the single port on the other half, it is not working. To trouble shoot: I switched one of the front...
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    Another steering problem... 👽

    I received my front end set up and after putting the drivers side on my steering needs some help. When the suspension travels, the wheel moves. See the video.
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    Help: Fabricating front brakes for Arachnid/Granddaddy

    Hello all. I am nearing the finish line on the Grand daddy build and wanted to put some front brakes on it. I can’t seem to find a spindle that would work with my application or a wheel hub that would fit the front rotor and onto the standard 5/8” x 6” spindle. Has anyone else put front brakes...
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    SpiderKart modified Grand Daddy build

    Well folks, it’s been a few years since I have been here, and it’s nice to be back. My Last go kart has been sitting in the back yard collecting fallen walnuts and rust, it was finally time to salvage the parts and build the two seater with suspension that I’ve been putting off. I started around...
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    18hp Briggs will not go FULL THROTTLE

    Hey all! I've been on here a while... and even have the cart this motor is on listed in a few different spots. I finally pulled this cart out of the shed last month and it seemed to run as good as the day I put it away. After a few tanks of gas, and several yard doughnuts later, the engine...
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    HOBART 175 MIG - used it before?

    Hey folks. I was going to purchase the Hobart 140 new from Northern tool, until I found a "like new" used Hobart 175 on craigslist. I have been trying to research the 175 and have come up almost empty. Does anyone have any experience with that model? Which is the better machine? Thanks.
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    Brake Rebuild kit?

    Found it... google strikes again.
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    Is the Lifan 125cc any good?

    I did a search for this particular engine on this site and did not find specifics about it... so I'll start my own thread. Is the lifan 125cc engine worth spending the money on? I have a 49cc mini-chopper frame that I'm re-working and am considering fitting it with this engine. Being that its...
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    My New Mini-Chopper!

    I bought this mini-chopper frame off craigslist for $80. I intend on putting the cheap Tecumsah 6hp on it. I have to take off the tank and exhaust from the motor in order for it to fit in the frame. I'll fabricate an exhaust once its mounted. I'm thinking of getting a real gas tank and using...
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    HELP - Ignition switch with relay

    Hello. I have a Briggs 18hp twin with electric start that I'd like to hook up with an ignition switch and relay. The Relay appears to be a Ford (had it laying around the garage). The battery is a lawn and garden from Walmart. The ignition switch (will probably go buy a new one soon, since...
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    18hp twin - rigid frame (for now) - two seater

    I had a thread going in the question area, but figured I'd post the build pictures here, it just seems like a more suitable place. Started with my donor cart: I bought this frame off craigslist for $25, most of the other parts are from With the exception of the seat...
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    Comet 20 vs. 40

    Well... I know a few of you told me I couldn't use a Comet 20 series on my 18 hp twin due to belt problems. I'm going to say your RIGHT! The problem I am running across is not that its destroying my belt, but rather it is not disengaging the system. I was doing a little research on comets...
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    Best Frame Building material?

    I own two carts that I have purchased from craigslist, but its time to build what I want. I have fabricated and welded on the two I currently own, but I am in no way an expert fabricator. I'm looking into building a kart using square tubing from my local steel shop. My question is.... what is...
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    Comet TC Belt question

    Hello. New here so be gentle... I bought a Comet Torque converter used off craigslist recently and want to put it on my 18hp twin briggs engine. It is a 1" shaft on the driver and I'm planning on using a jackshaft for the driven. The engine is large so it requires a large (long) belt. I had...