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    Old mini trike, my next build.

    Not starting on this one quite yet, but it will be next I've decided. When I got it home it had a smaller fiberglass seat mold, and a run down briggs on it. I'll most likely be removing the hinge in the frame unless it's some sort of rare factory addition, but to me appears home made and...
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    Dies at prolonged top speed?

    My brother and I went for a top speed run, him on his trike, and me on my ken-bar streaker. His top speed was right at 45 with a degoverned and stage 1 predator 212cc, my top speed was 39 with an only degoverned predator 212cc, the run was from my sisters house to mine, about a mile and a half...
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    Need tubes for your tires?

    Hey guys, found a company that is reasonably priced, and they have awesome customer service, if you are in need of some new tubes check them out, I ordered a two pack, had a faulty valve stem on one so I called. They returned my phone call in less than 24 hours and have...
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    My neighbors little gem!

    Saw the steering wheel peaking over the bed rail of his 72 elcamino at me, and had to see more. Got one quick picture and wanted to share, with his blessing of course, he said it's a 60's era "wasp" and it's super clean. I gather he put a little over $1200 into the refurbish job.
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    2020 - The "foxy lady" a manco redfox 2

    The "foxy lady" a manco redfox 2 Starting a restomod for my kids kart, my girls are 3 and 6. They absolutely love this kart, but are sick of red and black. Seeing as I'm usually driving them around in it I sold the subaru 4hp and will be installing of course a box-stock 212cc predator to help...
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    I've heard about a mod of predator engines, anyone done this one?

    I have heard, and read about taking a non-hemi predator 212 head and installing it on a hemi block. Supposedly the hemi has a flat top piston, and paired with the non-hemispherical head will boost power and compression. Has anyone tried this swap, if so is it worth doing? Thanks!
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    New freebie project!

    Finally got over to a good friends house today, he had told me he had a small engine for me that doesn't power the generator it's on, but had no clue what it was. According to the starter cover is a 143cc Robin model ey15. Looks like it's a flathead engine and has a fuel leak but he said it does...
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    Gx series compatibility with non-hemi predator question

    I have a good running 212 predator, and several gx160 hondas with the wrong shafts so they are donors. Could I use any gx160 parts to beef up rpm or anything in the predator? I know all the tin matches along with carbs and exhausts, but would a 160 head on a 212 be an improvement, or is it a...
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    CL SCORE!! He contacted me!

    $100 for the kart, no clue who makes it, mini rocket was free along with delivery. The predator runs smooth, but the minibike doesn't so not sure what I'll do with it. Kart will be my next giveaway kart once it's fixed up and those HF wheels are added to the pile. I think I did good, pay for a...
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    2020 - Chopper/bobber trike

    My build off entry, not sure which powerplant I'm using quite yet, but I'll be cutting the steering neck from the non titled motorcycle frame so I can use a true motorcycle front end, considering using a springer front fork and possibly an extra 21" front wheel I have. Sid helped me identify...
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    New to me ken-bar

    Got this little streaker this morning in trade, had a Briggs 5hp on it that isn't getting fuel so I have a coupon for a $95 predator. Governor will be removed, question is, when should I do it? Had no choice but the hemi, should I leave the governor for a break-in period, or pull it before oil...
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    Toying with an idea for 2020 build off

    I've got a crazy idea, and maybe someone should talk me out of it. I'm sure most know the scrap rod I did for 2019, and I'm wanting to build a rat/chopper dirt trike to kinda pair to the scrap rod. That's not the part I may need talked out of. I have a nearly complete 93 suzuki vs800 v-twin...
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    Man I wish I had some fuel!

    This looks like soooooo much fun! If only I had fuel in any of the karts, or the money to do so. Wife is home with the kids today, really have nothing to do, but can't play. Wasn't sure where else to post, but thought I'd show you guys a bit of Colorado.
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    Brother picked up a yerf dog, left it with me to fix up a bit.

    My brother picked up this old yerf dog, had a 6.5hp clone with a comet t/c. He picked it up for $200, and other than an engine I think I have everything else to make it a safe roller, he will probably pick up a predator next month for it, so it may be a quick build. The clone that was installed...
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    Internal differences between gx160 and gx200?

    So I've got a gx200 "clone" with what I hope to be at least a good crank, as well as a gx160 "clone" that runs very well, but has the wrong shaft. I'm sure things such as valves, piston and bore are larger in the gx200, but is there any difference in the crank or rod? I'd like to use the crank...
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    Finally getting around to the small dingos

    I pulled the second dingo frame in the garage last night and started sanding the 15 layers of paint, and ground away all the nasty welds that were on it. I've only got one original roll cage for these two, but I'll be using the large frame dingo for parts, plan on cutting the cage down to fit...
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    Not mine, but I want one!

    If I thought I had the talent, it would be on!
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    Remember that little manco 400 I picked up?

    When I got this one she was rough, the plastic seat was just sitting there over a hole, no bolts. There was a 14"x14"x1" steel plate welded to the front, crazy heavy. It had the original manco drive wheel, the others were the cheap harbor freight wheels, and a dog chewed up the steering wheel...
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    I love freebies!

    Picked up this frame today, 3 hour round trip is all it cost me. Little 2hp briggs runs but dies, and the gx160 runs strong but the shaft is for a water pump or similar so if it can't be modified I may just do a new crank. Unless someone comes along and tells me it's a rupp or something else...
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    Is this really worth $650 as-is?

    Local Craigslist ad, he is asking $650, unidentified and "unmolested" according to the seller claims it's from the 60's. Seller says they will trade for items they forgot to list and so on. To me, the paint, lack of decals, the plates on the sides of the seats and the fact that there is nothing...