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    Correct jetting for stock GX390

    Hi guys, Another question... I have a stock standard Honda clone GX390. I am wanting to rejet my stock carb with the addition of a pod style airfilter and exhaust header pipe off NR racing website. I am unsure what sized jetting I should use to achieve a reliable motor that will not require...
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    Hydraulic hand lever with sight glass brake bleeding issues

    Hi guys, Has anyone out there ever bled one of these systems before? It's a hydraulic hand lever to a single rear caliper assembly. I have just replaced the hand lever and hose assembly to my existing brake caliper with a new one. The issue I'm having is I'm unable to get any hydraulic...
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    40 series torque converter and axle gear size

    Hi guys, I've recently upgraded to a brand new GX390 clone which is currently running in stock form. I'm running a rear axle gear size of 48 teeth on 8 inch tires and currently have a 14 tooth centrifugal clutch. I'm loving the mid to top end power, however bottom end sux! I've been told I...
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    Stock gx390 motor

    Hi guys, Upgrading from my old clone gx200 to a gx390 clone motor. Question is where do I begin with engine mods? I know governor removal appears to be a very common mod in order to gain higher RPMs... any help would be appreciated. I'm also running 48 teeth on the axle gear and 14 via...
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    Modified Gx200

    Hey guys, I have a highly modified gx200.....everything engine related is replaced minus the crank and ignition coil. For ages now it's been running like a dream! No issues at all. The other day my son was riding the go kart around our section at home whizzing around having a great time, then...
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    Gx200 leaking head gaskets

    Hey guys, I now have a highly modified gx200 clone motor which has all race internals. I am also running a milled gx160 head for higher compression. The problem I am having is leaking head gaskets after a period of driving the kart hard. I started off using a genuine honda gasket which lasted...
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    More power wanted.... As I'm used to what it makes now

    Hey guys, what would be the best cam for maximum bottom end, mid and top end speed? I have a fully modified gx200 clone motor now with the following. Billet rod .20 longer than stock, billet flywheel, governor removed, .615 oversized stock carb with 140 emulsion tube and .37 jet, gx160 head...
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    Clutch for gx200 honda clone

    What would you guys recommend as a good quality performance dry clutch for the gx200 honda clone motor? My stock one is still good but have a strong feeling it'll be toast once I finish building my motor up with new parts. Can anyone tell me what the stock clutches are like after installing...
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    BSP-2 HP Box Stock Clone Honda Go Kart Racing Cam valve lash

    hi all, Just wanting to know if anyone would have the valve lash for the BSP-2 HP Box Stock Clone Honda Go Kart Racing Cam? There was nothing in the box which i got a couple of days ago in regards to the setting for it & i dont have the sellers email address anymore .... I am also going to be...
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    Emulsion tube and jet

    Hi there, what would you guys recommend in regards to correct jetting size for a modified gx200 clone motor? I'm currently using a 140 emulsion tube and a 0.37 main jet and getting carbon deposit on the plug. Would you think I'd be better off sticking with the jet I'm currently using but change...
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    Gx200 clone kick back on start

    Hi all. I recently brought myself a brand new gx200 clone go kart. I did my research after being new to go karts and found out if I replace the valve springs with 18lb springs and use a billet rod and billet flywheel after removing the governor (which I've done all of the above) plus using a...