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  1. GreyW00lf

    Is it possible to put longer Leads and fluxcore lines on a 110volt welder?

    Is it possible to put longer Leads and flux core lines on a 110volt welder? right now I have about 8 feet or maybe less on my leads and fluxcore line combined. I'd like to not have to move the Welder around as much so I figured to make both my flux core and clamp lines about 10 feet long on...
  2. GreyW00lf

    Wolfs Grand Daddy Build/log

    Hello All. Just started yesterday of my own build of Spidercart's Granddaddy Go kart. Some of my welds do not look deep or right to me, so I've Included a pic of my welder's settings nobs for you guys to help me out a bit. My metal guage is .100 which I believe is roughly a bit too thick but...
  3. GreyW00lf

    Quiestion on if i should lengthen my grand daddy go kart?

    Question on if I should lengthen my grand daddy go kart? By say 4 inches length I'm looking over the Plans I have and seeing as I'm 6 foot 2 inches tall, I figure to make changes to the plans to somewhat be more comfortable for me.
  4. GreyW00lf

    Hows my Welds?

    Hello All, Just wanted to show you guys my welds so far as I am learning to weld, Any tips or trick you could give me would be welcome.
  5. GreyW00lf

    Question about using heim Joints

    Hello All, I have got got a question about using heim joints on A Arms for turning. how are they usually put together? Virtual or horizonal ?
  6. GreyW00lf

    Long time lurker getting my first welder

    Hello All, Long time lurker getting my first welder. Seeing as no one from on here (that I know of) has done a show and tell of one of these machines. I will be flying by the seat of my pants in learning how to weld and how it works. Kicking Horse Welders from Canada It is a Flux Core Welder...
  7. GreyW00lf

    Shredder II Plans still around?

    Does anyone Remember the Shredder II plans From I'm trying to find them to buy them, but the site is no longer what it used to be, points to another website that has nothing to do with building a go kart and If i try to google it, it comes up with Metal Shredders for scrapping.
  8. GreyW00lf

    An IDEa

    Hello All, Has anyone thought to use a steel belt from a CVT Car Transmission on a Go kart / Go Cart's CVT?
  9. GreyW00lf

    Quick Question about brakes on a black widow

    I'm working on getting the parts together to make a black widow (From spidercarts) and my question is this Can you use another type of brakes other then a Band Style braking system? like say a Mechanical Brake Caliper and rotor.
  10. GreyW00lf

    using Mountain bike Rear Shocks on a Shifter/Racing go kart Frame?

    I was watching a Shifter kart Video and one thing I noticed was that the kart bounces around a lot and so I had a Brain Fart. I was thinking that has anyone thought of using Mountain bike Rear Shocks on a Shifter/Racing go kart Frame? Kind of like the one pictured below? Also the power of a...
  11. GreyW00lf

    thinking of buying the plans to this Go Kart/Buggy

    Hello to all, I am thinking of buying these Plans for the SII go kart/buggy What do you guys think? The Plans Also Is it worth it?
  12. GreyW00lf

    Hello, A few Questions

    Hello, I live in Canada and I have Searched the Forums for info But everything is Confusing. I am planing on Doing this to give myself something to do as a hobby. I have a few Questions about what materials, tools, Welder are basically used and I mean basic tools you can get away with being...