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  1. David Ham

    2021 - Vintage inspired Kart

    Howdy folks, It's been a while since I posted here but I'm about to build a go kart so thought I should post it here. It's going to be vintage-inspired in that the frame should have a vintage feel to it, as well as the engine. other than that seat, wheels etc won't really be vintage hence the...
  2. David Ham

    IOS anyone?

    Saw this vid and thought it was cool. My mate with an iphone couldnt open the entire comments section DELETED! Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  3. David Ham

    doing skids in the go kart

    so my younger bro just jumped in my go kart and did this:
  4. David Ham

    Bent axle?

    Alright so yesterday I noticed my go karts axle is bent. The right wheel and sprocket both wobble slightly. Its a 1" axle and the question I have is is there too much distance between the wheel and bearing and could this have bent the axle. Or could the axle just be bad quality. (It was actually...
  5. David Ham

    Wheel hubs?

    alright so I have a problem. I have some 145/70-6 wheels, and a 25mm axle. I have looked and I can't find anyone that sells a hub for these wheels and axle. The only hubs I have been able to find are for splined axles, like in the picture.:huh: so might need to make my own, but I have no way of...
  6. David Ham

    a lawnmower ...

    that can cut through anything :roflol:
  7. David Ham

    2017 - 2-Stroke Minibike

    So this is the minibike I sort of started last year (I'm only keeping the handle bars though), but heaps better because I'm ditching the electric motor and using a 160cc Victa which should have heaps of power once I'm done with it!! Its my last year at school so I may not be able to work much...
  8. David Ham

    what two stroke carb to get??

    Okay so I'm doing up a Victa 160cc engine to use for a minibike, and I need a new carburettor. It used to have this weak plastic carb on it with a 17mm inlet on the engine, but I've ported it out to 22mm. I've been looking at some 22mm Mikuni carbs that are about 80-100$ plus shipping. then...
  9. David Ham

    Flywheel casting

    SO I have this crazy idea, is it practical or possible to cast myself an aluminium (thats spelt the right way:censored:) flywheel for my 196cc honda clone? this isn't the right type of flywheel but I had to ask.
  10. David Ham

    2016 - intense electric build

    maybe 2017 but here it is refurbished a refurbished electric motor... I might make something that goes with it. I'm thinking 15mph tops but that might be a little optimistic:lolgoku: It is actually a lucas alternator that I got a while back and fixed up, now I'm really getting it ready for a...
  11. David Ham

    2016 - My go kart rebuild

    G'day fellas, I just joined this website recently and saw this and thought, since I had just started rebuilding my go kart I should post it here. the original go kart's weak rear axle got sheared so I decided to tear it to bits and turn it into an absolute beast!:auto::2guns: that is, if the...