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  1. r_chez_08

    NO2 on my kart?!

    OK, theres this new guy at school who seems pretty cool, same interests as me and stuff. Anyway, he said he had made NO2 before from ice packs. Dunno quite how but he knows the method. Since I have a go kart, we figured- why not :oops: just as a one off for the lols and a bit of an experiment...
  2. r_chez_08

    14cc gx200, 160 140 cylinder head.

    Selling this, I will post internationally. Check out this item I found on eBay: End time: Dec 8, 2012 9:35:39 PM Item: Honda Gx160 or gx200 6.5 5.5hp high compression cylinder head or stock 14cc URL: Alt URL...
  3. r_chez_08

    Rev gauge wiring?

    Ok, I acquired a rev gauge. It was in my car but didn't look right, so I have replaced it with a more oem style one. Want to wire the old gauge to my kart. There are 4 wires, Red, black, white and green. I've figured red and black are the obvious, white is for the back light and green is...
  4. r_chez_08

    usb charger- any of you electrically minded?

    Hey, My new HTC phone hardly lasts me a day fully charged. I am looking at making a USB charger with 4x aa batteries. I found an instructable here- I was wondering how I could charge the batteries by...
  5. r_chez_08

    Be careful guys!

    Just thought I would remind everyone that karting is a dangerous sport- yesterday i rolled my buggy and my right hand got trapped between the cage and concrete. I have now got a splint and a fractured 3rd metacarpal. I wasn't even going fast. Hurt like a *****, and it was quite a minor injury...
  6. r_chez_08

    My free drill

    Hey, Today I was at my saturday job, and the bloke I work for offered me his old drill. He said the batteries didn't hold their charge or the charger was :censored:. He wasn't going to spend £80 on 2 new batteries or £50 on a new charger (fair enough) or spend time troubleshooting as his time...
  7. r_chez_08

    Chez's kart MK?

    Hey, Just finished painting and reassembling my kart this week. It now has a rollcage and suspension, and a mean clone! Mods done to clone- Usual air filter, exhaust (dam.n, forgot to get a pic of my awesome exhaust :P) governor removal Billet rod, stock flywheel and springs for now, hope to...
  8. r_chez_08

    Throttle setup

    Hi, I have just finished my kart for like the 5th time (suspension and roll cage added- pics and vid to come soon!) I have a brand new throttle cable and outer sheath, and for some reason I need a really strong return spring otherwise the throttle sticks. I lubed up the cable before I installed...
  9. r_chez_08

    Torque converter bolting up

    Hi, I have an adapter to fit a comet 40 1" I/d driver to a 3/4" shaft. The adapter protrudes by approx. .020. Therefore when the driver is bolted down tight, there is approx. .020 play. I have heard that centrifugal clutches should be allowed to move very slightly on the shaft. Does this apply...
  10. r_chez_08

    GX160, gx200, g100 and briggs parts F/S I can ship worldwide. Cheers Rob
  11. r_chez_08

    GX160 issue again

    Riding my minibike today, and it was low on fuel causing a lean condition. Rode it on partial choke to the house, then it died. Topped up the fuel and now the engine will refuse to start. Occasionally it fires and chucks a puff of smoke out of the intake. Does this sound like the flywheel key...
  12. r_chez_08

    Anyone know of this will fit?

    Your greyhound is a Honda gx200 clone. If you cannot fix your recoil check something put on it- there are two styles. Does the recoil have metal or plastic pawls? (pawls are the little arms which engage with the engine when you pull the recoil. Also, can you take a picture of the metal starter...
  13. r_chez_08

    Replace springs on coilovers

    Hi, I have some hydraulic shocks that I am going to use on my kart, think they are from a 125cc bike. However the springs seem a little stiff. Is there any way to replace them with lighter springs? There appears to be no obvious way to get them apart, I can get some pics if need be. Thanks Rob
  14. r_chez_08

    Help finding a car?

    Ok, as some of you are amazing at finding deals I am going to ask for your help- I am looking for a MK1 Golf (rabbit for US users). Preferably 3 door and either petrol or diesel (under 1.6 petrol). Not a convertable or a GTI I don't want to spend much over £1000 depending on condition. I have...
  15. r_chez_08


    Hi, So today I finished converting my mini bike to part chain drive. However, now the sprocket is too close to the ground! it hits on bumps and tight corners :( I either need a smaller #40 sprocket (i have 54t) or a larger wheel (preferably) for the rear. Does anyone know where to get a larger...
  16. r_chez_08

    GX160- what's this all about?

    Hi, Today I have been messing with my mini bike. It had a gx160, wiener pipe without muffler (small straight pipe, 3/4" O/D used by clone BS karters), gx200 carb and 20 thou copper head gasket to replace the 45 thou layered gasket and bump up the compression. The motor was not idling right. It...
  17. r_chez_08

    Chain links

    Ok this is a really simple question but I am buying some chain for my mini bike and need to know- I was probably going to get 420 or 428 and use it on a 41 sprocket, because those chains seem to be easier to find for less money where I live. I have found chains listed at, say 50 links, not as...
  18. r_chez_08

    Best wire brush stripping paint

    Hey, Stripping kart frame for painting- about half done (main frame still have to do swing arm, wheels etc.) Tried a few methods- first a cup twisted brush on 9" grinder- worked ok, bit cumbersome. Then tried a flat straight brush on drill, worked OK. Then nodded this brush to a 4" grinder...
  19. r_chez_08

    Engine Dies On Tight Turns Or Bumps? Read This!

    If your engine cuts out on bumpy ground or corners, or you cannot start your engine after filling with the correct amount of oil then try disconnecting the low oil The engine in the video is a Honda gx200 6.5hp clone engine. The oil level switch is...
  20. r_chez_08

    This made me LOL.

    What they use to try and advertise honda engines!