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  1. kevbo22

    15% off predator engines

    15% off predator or any other brand that a typical 20% coupon wont work for including welders.
  2. kevbo22

    30 series bushing

    I just took off the 30 series driver off my megamoto mm-b212 minibike. It has two bushings, the usual brass ring but this 30 series has another one that fits over it. I have never seen that, I always just see it with the brass ring. I am assuming that it is here to shim the belt?? This bike...
  3. kevbo22

    Dingo frame

    Just got a free dingo frame and in great shape. Anyone by any chance know what size length the rear axle was on these off the top of there head? It also came with the original rims front and back. Also spindles, pretty good deal.
  4. kevbo22


    I saw this in a FB group and thought id share it, pretty cool. Its a flathead briggs modified to run animal heads. "Flanimals"
  5. kevbo22

    Hydraulic tube bender

    I have a JD2 tube bender and never really had a good mount for it. I welded up a mount that went into my truck hitch receiver and that has worked well, but not usually a good way of doing it for me. So today I welded up a new frame for it and converted it to air over hydraulic with the harbor...
  6. kevbo22

    vulcan welders

    The new vulcan welders have been available on hf website for a while now, still havent seen any in my local store. Have you guys seen any in store yet? The omnipro looks like it may be decent for the $$. I do know HF will finally be coming out with a spool gun soon as well. The protig 200...
  7. kevbo22

    smoking hot welder deal

    Just wanna let you know about this sweet deal! If your in the market for a good mig machine, the eastwood 135 is on sale for $199.
  8. kevbo22

    piston and rod length

    why would you change the piston and rod length? what kind of benefits does it have? From what I understand id doesn't change displacement, only bore does, or am I wrong?
  9. kevbo22

    Advanced engine guys...

    Can I get one of these efi kits working on a HF 420cc engine?? Any help would be great! ---------- Post added at 03:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at...
  10. kevbo22

    camber from spindles

    How are people getting camber from store bought spindles? All the spindles I have found have the spindle welded to the steering knuckle at 90°. I have only found one place that sells spindles with built in kpi at 10°,12° or 15° and they cost $60 a piece...
  11. kevbo22

    kart racer the movie

    Anyone seen Kart racer the movie, :lolgoku:. Not sure what kind of plot it has, dont really even know how I came across it. Seemed like a decent thing to share while being bored on a monday night.
  12. kevbo22

    Anyone know the predator 420cc wiring??

    Does anyone know which wire is live only when Ignition is switched on with the predator 420cc?
  13. kevbo22

    Some people just cant handle Colorado trails

    Found this gem near the flat tops in Aspen! LOL someone was having fun.
  14. kevbo22

    30 series tc driver spring

    One of the springs on my 30 series TC broke. Went to purchase another one and didnt realize they had multiple types. Found some at bmi What color should I get to replace, is the black the stock springs that come...
  15. kevbo22

    Got a free gokart frame

    I did some work on a guys mini bike and he was going to throw this frame in the trash. He said it was for circle lap racing. Looks kinda funny the way the frame is. Anyone seen one? Can you confirm its for circle lap racing? Might look into building it out.
  16. kevbo22

    gas air compressor build

    So I gave myself a Christmas present this year a bought a eastwood versa cut 60amp plasma cutter. Only thing is I dont have a big a** air compressor to run it. To get enough air I would be looking at a 240v air compressor to run, and I am not going to wire in a new one or spend that much money...
  17. kevbo22

    The ross hoss

    A guy just dropped off his ross hoss for me to work on. This thing is a beast! Both rear wheels drive. It has a honda gx270 on it. Gonna be busy this weekend going through all of it to give the guy a quote on work.
  18. kevbo22

    Gear box

    Last year I swapped out the 150cc on my minibuggy with a 420 predator. I just ended up replacing the entire rear swing arm. The old swing arm didnt really have suspension because of the way it was designed. It was really just for show, the swing arm had a rubber stop at the top of the motor...
  19. kevbo22

    Kevbo22 checking in

    I just realized, after all the help and threads I read before I even joined... I never said HI!. Ive learned a lot here, (you'd be surprised what you can dig up in these here threads) . Any way im Kevin from Colorado. I like motorized shenanigans and drinking. oh and girls too! I joined...
  20. kevbo22

    hondas version of a minibike

    This is a little off topic for this forum, but honda makes (pretty much) a street legal minibike called the grom. This thing sits just 29" off the ground (my motovox and monstermoto sit 22" off the ground). These things do 60mph no problem, lots of hop up kits out there too. Any one into these...