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    Getting the plastic off a quad

    I got a quad at the right price... FREE (y) I have to repair the brakes and engine so I gotta take off the plastic, BUT that's the issue. The handle bars bracket has got me stumped. When I remove the handle bars you can see a 6mm bolt in the bracket so me thinks unscrew that and all should be...
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    Gas vs GassLess welding

    Hi everyone, I use 0.8mm flux core welding wire (here in Oz, sorry don't know equivalent size in Imperial). My sequence of welding a run is a) use side cutters to get a clean tip on the gun b) weld a bit and stop c) clean what I have welded (using wire brush and file to remove slag) d) goto...
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    I'm 60+ and located 1hr south of Sydney, Australia. I have a 20 month old grandson who loves any kind of steering wheel (found in the car or the shopping center play area or the local park play area). So I purchased a ready built go kart off eBay, hope to pick it up this afternoon. Watched SO...