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    Ninja 500 Yerfdog 3203 (with video of offroad ripping)

    Here is my project *There are multiple driving videos* **Update** I added some new shocks and an extra brake rotor and caliper. I am done for now...
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    520 Chain Tension-er

    I have been having problems with my chain tension on a motorcycle engine buggy, and I found the solution for anyone looking for a 520 idler sprocket. Buell made a couple bikes with 520 chains that used idler sprockets. They have two models G0600.1B7 (has no teeth only a rubber wheel with steel...
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    Can’t find a solid steel 1-1/4 in axle

    I need a threaded keyed 1-1/4 in axle looking for one that’s 52-54 inches and I haven’t found anything but aluminum axles. Where should I be looking?
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    Spider box front end on 3203

    I have attached a BDX super duty front end on to my 3203 and thought I would share. Powered by a Vulcan 500 street bike engine.
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    Using stock 3203 Spindles for 11inch wide front tires

    Just so every one knows its possible to fit 11 in wide tires without buying 6" long spindle nuts you just need a hammer(clearance) and a welder(to strengthen them). Here's where i'm at right now about to put a vulcan 500 engine in her. This is after the hammer job haha just make sure to add...
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    Go kart rear suspension help needed

    I lengthened a yerfdog 3203 frame to accommodate a motorcycle engine; however, my rear geometry is all wacky. As you an see the front of the rear subframe is tilted too far down. If I move the shock mounts back would this fix this problem?
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    Yerfdog 3203 Suspension upgrade.

    I am building a 400cc two stroke yerf dog, and I want to seriously upgrade the suspension. What would you guys recommend I run?