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    My Ken-Bar Streaker build.

    This is my first cart. Since you guys have kindly answered a few of my dumb questions, I thought I'd post up a few pics of my progress. It was given to me by a friend. It had been given to him by one of his friends to repair in small engine class in High School. According to my friend "I never...
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    Cable to carb attachment question

    My Streaker cart was missing a lot of stuff when it was given to me. Right now I'm trying to work out what was originally between the control rod and the engine. It appears there was a cable but all attachment points for it are missing. I believe this part should secure the cable to the control...
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    Removing jackshaft.

    Tear down on my Ken Bar cart is complete and I've found a couple bad bearings on the jack shaft. Two questions: 1. Does this shaft look worn to you? 2: How do I remove it? Is this just pressed on? I have a 30 ton shop press but there appears to be a threaded portion at the rear of it...
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    Hello from Minnesota!

    As of last week I am now the proud owner of a rusty (and neglected) Ken-Bar go-kart. I restored my Dads old 3-wheeler a a few years ago and I plan on doing the same to the Ken-Bar. I'm from the Winona area. Say 'hi' if you're in the area.....or if you got parts for an '82 Big Red. lol.
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    Rear axle disassembly questions.

    Greetings all... first post. Last week I was given an old Ken Bar go kart. I have managed to get it running and plan on doing a frame-up, nut and bolt restoration. While stripping it down to the frame, I encountered issues with the rear axle. It would appear that I have to remove set screws...