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    Is this even a go kart?

    My original a arms A arms on the frame The seat And this is the transmission. The rear shock mount on the a arm, the welds could be better The shock installed I almost had a heart attack when I put these wheels on, I thought I would have nightmares. Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Electric reverse and Hybrid?

    I was thinking of using a semi starter motor for a reverse on my go kart, I will run full size car battery and the alternator from the semi I got the starter from. I plan to build a clutch to run the alternator when needed so it won't rob power, and when i need reverse run the gas engine wide...
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    Fuel pump for hp

    Does a fuel pump add power when used in place of a gravity feed system?
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    Bent Axle

    I have i slight bend on one side of my axle, but not where the sprocket or brake will go, do you guys think it will still work, and should I lengthen the chain and add an with an idler and a spring to tension it. Thanks.:mad2:
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    HP gains from bigger carb, header,and pod

    What kind of hp gains do you guys/gals think I would get from installing Honda gx390 or 340 carb on a g240, I will also be installing a header and possibly a pod filter. Thanks.
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    Detroit Diesel Starter into winch

    Do you guys think the starter from an 8v92 Detroit diesel engine could be converted into a winch for a go kart. I got the starter for free so if wouldn't cost to much, and I probably have most of the stuff I need to build it laying around. Plus I like building my own stuff rather than buying it...
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    Oil cooling a gx240

    I was wondering if their would be any benefits to oil cooling a Honda gx240 and would it take to much oil from the dipper even if the added volume is accounted for in the cooling system. And it has a low oil shutdown so you could monitor your level. But I've been wrong before.
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    Kx125 tranny for go kart

    I got a kx125 engine that blew up and I'm going to use the transmission on my go kart and I was wondering what would be a good way to lubricate the crank after removing the rod and piston( its a two stroke so it would normally getblubrication form the fuel but since its not running, it will need...
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    Mechanical tachometer

    I was wondering if there was any way to hook a mechanical tachometer up to a small engine. My engine is a gx240. The tach is from an old semi truck.
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    Tav2 vs 30 series

    I was wondering why the tav2 which from my read watch is a comet 30 series only handle 8 hp but a normal 30 series handles 15. And is there any way to get a tav2 to handle more power since that tc is easy for me to get. Btw I'm running an 8hp Honda gx240 but want to mod it for a bit more power...