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    3000w 72v E-Kart

    Here is my first electric gokart build using a Chinese 72v motor/controller and 72v 20s2p LiPo Battery pack. Top speed is about 35 mph. Steering is a bit iffy in the front because of the un-even weight distribution (hence the weights).
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    Motenergy 86v E-Kart ME1306 Build

    Figured I would start a thread this time to document the progress on my 2nd electric gokart conversion. Wife got me the frame off Facebook for $50 as a birthday present. It had been sitting in a field for about 5 years. I was able to get the engine running by replacing the carb with a $10 ebay...
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    Can't decide on controller

    I am building my 2nd E-Kart and can't quite decide which controller is best. Right now I have the ME1306 motor and 24s2p Lifepo4 batteries on the way. I am leaning towards the Kelly controllers as they seem to offer the best features for the price. The cart will be running at 150 Amp continuous...