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    New to the forum

    We have several karts -2 Margay racing karts, the lay down enduro kart know as a Banchi that is on our web site that is renamed Max-Torque Special, and one back yard fun kart made by one of the best of the fun kart builders, BKS out of Sheridan, IL.
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    Clutch didn’t engage in steep hill

    You want to have or close as possible to a 1:6 gear ratio. The sprocket going to the axle, lets say it is a 10 tooth #41 chain sprocket so the sprocket on the axle should have 60 teeth. For every tooth on the small sprocket there should be 6 teeth on the rear sprocket. If you rear tire is...
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    New to the forum

    Know a few things about clutches and torque converters, and can give constructive advice when asked. I own Max-Torque, the oldest of the clutch manufacturer out there, and have the most copied clutch design.