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    Brand new clutch fried after first run? Why, oh why?

    Hey everyone, everywhere, anywhere! The kart can be seen at our other post here. Here goes. Being that this is our first time ever replacing a clutch maybe we got the wrong one or maybe we put it on wrong. Thought it was on well enough so we had fun for about an hour or so tearing up...
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    Live Axle Bearings Replacement & Drive Hub Options

    Hey all, Okay here's the deal. We need to replace these axle bearings and haven't figured out an easy way to remove them. I was thinking that if there is some kind of flange that's a part of the axle on either side behind the bearings then you could just whack the end of the axle and pop...
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    Hi from North Florida!

    Hey y'all, Father/son team with our first kart. I always wanted one when I was a kid but never could have one; so I'm doing things a bit different with my son. He's the perfect age of 12 and I never really grew up so we're both really excited to start out. We got a hold of an old, small used...