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    Edit - Tecumseh power sport for sale 6.5 hp

    Some of you may have seen my other post on this Tecumseh for full disclosure, it runs awesome except over bumps OHH65 power sport 6.5 hp engine, 3/4” shaft. Asking $65 but considering serious offers for a local pickup. Engine has potential, hate to see it sit and go to waste. Located just...
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    Yerf Dog 3203 light refurbishing

    So I figured I'd start to log some of the progress on our family's kart. It's an old Yerf Dog 3203 which we got for a fair price which included delivery. Though I don't think it was every in any traumatic accident or roll-over, as I get into it I have discovered the common parts of the frame...
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    Tecumseh OHH65 cuts out over bumps

    First, I did search and found an older thread that reads identical to my issue , except the kart has not been rolled or wrecked. Yerf dog 3203, Tecumseh 6.5 OHV, stumbles over itself over bumps.
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    New forum member from Morris, IL

    Hey everyone, I've been reading your forums for a few months now prior to and now after purchase of an old gokart. Hoping to be around from time to time and share my experiences as I can with the machine. Brief history - I am currently 33 years old with a wife and as of last week two kids...