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  1. Kartorbust

    Volcon Runt electric mini bike

    It appears that the US electric motorcycle company is making a mini bike for kids called the Runt. Has a 35 mile range and top speed of 35mph, but can be limited by a parent/adult. $3000 price tag (a bit less than a Grom). Seems like it would be a lot of fun for kids and adults...
  2. Kartorbust

    What welder brand(s) are you using?

    I'd like to get an idea of what everyone on here is using for welding machines. Not the process (Tig, Mig, Stick), but the brand itself. Also comment on what you think of it, how long you've had it, would you recommend it to people, so pretty much a mini review. I'd like to keep this open for a...
  3. Kartorbust

    ST2-NG Pre-build "Think Tank"

    I had been contemplating on doing this for a few days now since I purchased my plans, might as well just do it. The other day I bought the Badland Buggy ST2 Next Generation plans. I had been going back and forth for at least a year now on whether I was going to draw up my own plans, wing it, or...
  4. Kartorbust

    Smaller than a Monkey?

    Places are starting to speculate that Honda might be bringing back a mini bike smaller than the Monkey and Grom, maybe like a Trail 70 or similar. At least judging by patents. At first, I'll be honest I wasn't a huge fan of the Grom or Monkey, but I'm starting to warm up to them...
  5. Kartorbust

    Durability of billet aluminum wheel hubs

    So I've been searching for wheel hubs for my project and I've decided on using a 1 1/4" axle diameter. I've only found a 4on4 hub from BMI karts that fits the 1 1/4". I've chosen 4on4 since that's an easier wheel bolt pattern to locate than the 4x130 that VW bugs use. I'm making some changes to...
  6. Kartorbust

    VW type 1 Stub axles

    So I'm trying to weigh the costs of buying 2 stub axles for my project or getting a set machined. What I have mainly found are just the out stub axles that fit the 1971-1980 VW Super Beetle (I have axles for this generation)...
  7. Kartorbust

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke CVT ratings

    So looking at the higher end CVTs (780 Comet and 94C Duster) they have the 2 stroke horsepower and rpm ratings and the same for the 4 stroke. It probably has to do with how the engines make their power and what not, but is there a reason that the 2 stroke can be rated at 30hp but the 4 stroke...
  8. Kartorbust

    Sprocket hub

    So looking through at their sprocket hubs, getting the correct pattern doesn't seem to be very straight forward. Currently I have a steel 60 tooth sprocket for a 1" live axle, however in my short sightedness, I neglected to think of sprocket replacement, either for gear ratio...
  9. Kartorbust

    How not to do a 30 series j/s

    Just watched Rather B Welding's latest video on his long traveled dual engine buggy and he ended up snapping the aluminum backplate on a 30 series. He had to move the sprocket on the jackshaft more to the right to line up with the trailing arm axle sprocket. Turns out that doing so puts a ton of...
  10. Kartorbust

    Well this sucks

    So Memorial weekend I headed back up to Minnesota to visit my dad and grab some more of our stuff from his place. Left at 7pm Friday after work and came home to eat, then had my 6 hour ride (non-stop) there. Got up to his place at about 2am. Saturday morning, we worked at bit on my fiancee's...
  11. Kartorbust

    Finally on our own!

    Today marked another milestone for myself and fiance, we moved out of my dad's place into an apartment. Was not sure that everything would go through, but last Thursday (November 30th) all the paperwork went through and we were accepted. That Friday while I was leaving work, I had called my boss...
  12. Kartorbust

    Probably the best welders ever!

    No I'm not doing a review, as ChuckE2009 already did one and I don't even own one. But this might be one of the best welders on the market. At just over $2100 this machine does stick, tig ac/dc, mig and all really well. I've been looking at getting a tig machine, but I would rather keep as much...
  13. Kartorbust

    Possible future build idea 6x6

    Been wanting to ask somethings in the last couple weeks but haven't, mostly because I have a nasty tendency of changing my mind before I even start, which ends up ticking a lot of people off, especially if you haven't started making it, such as this case. Plus considering this will be on the...
  14. Kartorbust

    New toy to work on

    So today after waiting about 2 weeks to pick it up, got a 2000 Yamaha Blaster for $500. The kid who was selling it was moving out and had lost interest in it a while ago. So far it needs a new 520 chain, and possibly 2 sprockets, since the chain did pop off on him and was warn out. Probably...
  15. Kartorbust

    CVT temp gauge

    While waiting at Walmart for my girlfriend to get off, I was reading an ATV magazine just paging through it, got to the back where they give their thoughts on different new products and whatnot, and came upon Trail Tech CVT temp gauge. As it implies it's to monitor the belt temperature of the...
  16. Kartorbust

    Most expensive day ever

    Just went to Jared jewelry store and picked up a white gold halo engagement ring so I can propose to my girlfriend when she gets back from her trip. Spent way more than I was hoping, but so glad I'm able to get it on a payment plan. Now just need to be at work more often to help pay this sucker off.
  17. Kartorbust

    Hollow axles vs solid

    There is a thread on here from a number of years ago asking about chromoly hollow axles vs solid aluminum axles, however no one asked about solid steel axles vs chromoly hollow axles. I've seen how much aluminum axles will flex under use and will bend (as well as steel) under abuse. When I...
  18. Kartorbust

    420 Predator charge coil?

    Anybody know how many amps the 420 Predator stator puts out? HF doesn't list it online and no one really has mentioned it. My guess is 2-3 amps. But anyone know for sure?
  19. Kartorbust

    Ever heard of Viper?

    Was at Menards with my dad and when we were walking past outdoor tools, saw a rear tine tiller with a Viper 212cc engine, and guess what? It's dang near the same design as the Predator 212. Valve cover looks like it's a Hemi Predator and if I had to guess, it came from the same factory and same...
  20. Kartorbust

    Free 3D modeling software?

    So I'm on the hunt for a good 3D CAD program that I could install so I can do some designs. My drawing ability sucks, as I can see how what I want to make, but I can't draw it out on paper, ie 2D...or at least very well. I'm pretty good at doing stuff in auto-cad as I did take a class way back...