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  1. freakboy

    Jokes :D

    Keep them somewhat tastefull. What has 4 legs and one arm?
  2. freakboy

    2 speed clutch

    Im working on a 2 speed belt tensioner clutch.. but im having problems with it. First off i dont want to have to push it down to dissengage i want to push foward for the first gear.. put it in the middle and then pull back for the second gear. I was thinking of having the shift lever have a...
  3. freakboy

    Old a$$ motorbicycle

    Another crazy contraption im creating :D late 60's schwinn varsity bike plus late 50's briggs and stratton engine. Really simple what im building. I will be gearing for about 35 miles an hour not so sure thats achevable but if not i can regear the jack shaft. Ive yet to add the jack shaft/any...
  4. freakboy

    Briggs identification help

    Hi guys i have a vintage briggs and stratton motor that i can not find any information on.. the first set of numbers is GB second 902101 third set is 78675 The motor has a oil bath air cleaner so im guessing its pretty **** old. I just cant find any information on it from the briggs site.
  5. freakboy

    Posting and you! Some FNG's should watch this little video and keep it handy just incase there little brains forget something! This video will prevent you from making yourself look like a total retard to complete strangers.:D Always...
  6. freakboy

    2 smoke mods

    my freind was wondering what all he can do to his 25cc homelight motor...hes throwin it on a scooter or something and was wondering how to squeeze a bitt more outa this lil thing..thanks
  7. freakboy

    automotive tach on 2 cyl/single cyl

    =P ha it can be done! I just need to figure out how to hook it to my brigs now lol
  8. freakboy

    made in china

    anyone else praying to god that chinese cars are not allowed in the united states? i shure am!
  9. freakboy

    46 ci briggs build up

    Well this may interest some of you but im gona be documenting my tear down and rebuild of my briggs.... its a twin cylinder opposed 46 ci full pressure lubed its a beast hahaha.. Im building this for lawn mower racing so i do have a set of rules to go by. 1. engine must be origionaly...
  10. freakboy

    cb radio

    anyone know anything that may help me out here? i got a cb for free is a cobra29 LTD sound tracker... and it dont work like... it turns on and all(yes i had the mic and antena hooked up but it wont trigger the meter to transmit or anything like that... so not sure if someone can help me out here.
  11. freakboy

    anyone else know jack schitt?

    Who is Jack Schitt? The lineage is finally revealed! Many people are at a loss for a response when someone says: "You don't know Jack Schitt." Now you can intellectually handle the situation: Jack is the only son of Awe Schitt. Awe Schitt, the fertilizer magnate, married O. Schitt, the owner of...
  12. freakboy

    cam grinding

    how would one go about grinding a cam.. bench grinder would that work? just dont ask what im doing just answer:idea2:
  13. freakboy

    speaker help for electronic illeterit hillbilly?

    ok guys well i got a 200w sub hooked to a kicker sub powered by a xbox 360 power supply well that works great and playing bass tests i can rattle my house... well thing is i dont wana f up the sub playing the higher frequencys through the sub.... so how on this earth do i hook the other crap up...
  14. freakboy

    new way to work out guys!

    heres a link to the instructions... if it really works im gona live forever...
  15. freakboy

    Merry christmas guys!!!

    merry christmas
  16. freakboy

    so this is what chevy came to... You will laugh your but off thats there new advertising for there chevy volt....... read the comments on the youtube page to lmao
  17. freakboy

    Exhaust building 101....

    Since there are so many people moding there engines with strait pipes but then someone brings up back pressure i am going to make a quick how to make a exhaust.. i got most of this information from 1.Make the pipe longer then you will think you need it then paint the pipe with...
  18. freakboy

    Gear ratios...

    well i got stuff for my mower but havent got pullys or sprockets yet... well anyway im gona run a 4 or 5 inch pully to a 4 inch pully on the jack shaft and then from the jackshaft to the transaxle will be chain and sprocket(so it dont slip)The clutch is gona be a double pully type set up with a...
  19. freakboy

    Front axle build

    I posted this over on heymow also but ill post it here to cause it can benifit some people that may be interested in making a racing mower. i thought it would be helpful for the new people around here that don't have the money to shell out for a EC front axle but still want a fully adjustable...
  20. freakboy

    Random bs!!!

    since we cant keep threads on topic these days why not create a random bs thread? well here we go post anything and well just talk about it... share anything lol the more random the better!