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  1. landuse

    Top 15 Threads as at 22/05/2020

    So.....this thread was actually inspired by something that Brianator said in another thread regarding the top viewed threads in DIYGK history. I actually found that quite intriguing, so I thought I would do some investigation:D :wai: As this is only going to be valid for a snapshot in time, I...
  2. landuse

    Free technical service bulletin (tsb) & wiring diagram database

    Hi guys. I know this isn't really kart related, but I thought I would share. Here is a FREE TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN (TSB) & WIRING DIAGRAM DATABASE Seems to have all the makes and models of cars
  3. landuse

    Dramatic winter cold

    How is everyone on the east coast (and other parts) of the US doing? Are you OK? I see there are some hectic storms at the moment And here I am sitting in 30 degree Celsius weather! Crazy
  4. landuse

    Seen on my way to work this morning

    On my way to work this morning i saw a few more lions than normal. They are a pain in the a$$ though. They chew on your bumper if you give them half a chance or slow down too much
  5. landuse

    Multi posting

    Some of you might have noticed that we took sids suggestion to heart and Robert installed some code that stops multi posting. It will automatically append the consecutive posts into the first one. You will also see some writing that says it was appended. There is a time limit that can be set...
  6. landuse

    How do you pack your trailer??

    Hi guys. I would like to ask everyones opinion on something. When going on holiday with my trailer. I have always tried to pack about 60% of the weight in front of the axle and the rest behind (spread evenly). Someone said to me the other day that they do it the other way round. I always thought...
  7. landuse

    Arial Atoms bigger brother...on steroids!

    I thought you guys might like to see this
  8. landuse

    Need a date??

    Not kart related, but funny none the less. "It's Thanksgiving. Want to skip that long, insulting conversation about how youre still single? About how your parents really want more grand children? Well, look no further! I am a 28 year old...
  9. landuse

    Home Depot hack

    I thought you gusys in the US might be interested in this (if you haven't seen it already).
  10. landuse

    10000 posts. At last....

    It has been a long slog, but i have finally done it!! Tony passed me a while ago, and I thought I would never get here. Heres to a great forum. A place that has made me stick around for all these years (and that is saying something). Thanks to everyone who has made this forum what it is...
  11. landuse

    Server failure

    Hi all. For about 30 - 60 minutes earlier on the server failed us for some or other reason. The site was unavailable during this time. Robert does know about it and if there is anything we should know he will fill us in Paul
  12. landuse

    Australia's last carmaker calls it quits

    A sad day for the Australian automotive industry
  13. landuse

    Post your finished projects!!!

    This topic has been discussed before, but through the efforts of Half-breeder it has been revived again. What we are proposing is a thread where members can post up pics of their finished kart or minibike. This is to give new members some inspiration as to what they can do if they put their...
  14. landuse

    Metal Detecting

    I am awaiting delivery of a Garrett Ace 150 metal detector. I have always wanted one, since I was a kid, and I thought with my bonus money I would treat myself. Has anyone on the forum got a detector, or ever used one? I hear that once you start finding stuff, the bug bites hard and you cant...
  15. landuse

    GY6 - Ignition Troubleshooting Guide: No Spark?

    I came across this thread on a buggy website that I thought some who have a GY6 would be interested in. There is a lot of other info there too.
  16. landuse

    Actual size, printable footprint of Honda GX140/160/200 engine

    Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone had seen somewhere on the interweb machine a printable drawing of the footprint of a GX140/160/200 engine. I know they all have the same footprint. I thought it would make my life a little easier if I could print out a copy and use that to line up where I...
  17. landuse

    Submissions for a DIYGK logo

    So as you all know, the thread regarding our logo has gone nowhere for a very long time. There are some good logos that have been put forward, but nobody has taken the initiative yet to get the ball rolling. This is why us older mods have decided to break Fabroman (Tony) in by giving him his...
  18. landuse

    My Trike build- ala Steve and Tank

    Well guys – it has been a while since you have seen me put my expert (:D) hand to any sort of build, so I thought it would be high time to share something with you again. Here is the backstory to this build: I got a PM from someone called TANKSAREUS (Daniel), over at OMB. He is also a South...
  19. landuse

    Site crash

    As you probably have all noticed (I hope), the site has been down for the last day or so. Us moderators still do not have any idea what the cause was, but if it was anything serious we will let you all know. Its good to see you all again. I tend to get withdrawal symptoms if I cannot access...
  20. landuse

    Stupid #$%@&* lady!!!!

    Some stupid lady drove into the back of me this morning on the way to work!!!! :mad::mad2::mad2::censored::censored::censored: Here I am minding my own business on my motorbike. I stop behind a car waiting for traffic to get moving again, then BAMM!!! She rearends me. Luckily she was going...