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    Pallet jack crane

    I built this crane system to help me lift and move heavy machinery around in my shop.
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    Speed mower

    Crazy build using a 20hp Cub Cadet, curb find mower
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    Military Mule M274

    I’m looking for plans to build an M274, Viet Nam era, military “Mule””. I used one of these in my military days to transport just about anything you can imagine. I’ve seen several peoples version of these, but have yet to see one that replicates the features I’m looking for. I plan on using a...
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    Hello from Tulsa, Oklahoma! I’m a retired mechanical engineer and I love spending my time in my shop restoring old machinery.

    I restore vintage items such as: post vices, mills, lathes, drill presses, garden tractors, mowers, tillers,weed eaters, motorcycles and just about anything that buzzes,clicks or wheeeeeeres. LOL. For me it a means of keeping busy and satisfying my desire to make things new again. I absolutely...