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  1. Hellion

    Manco Reproduction Decals

    No connection to the seller, ninjaturtle01, but he's done general and some kart-specific decals. He has THE much-sought-after tri-color {yellow/orange/red} "arrow" floor pan decal that was on a multitude of fun karts from the late 80s - early 90s. Plus a...
  2. Hellion

    Mustie tackles a Concession Kart

    Another of his ‘Will It Run?’ series. An hour long video you say? Too much for some, sure, but it’s neat to see an in-depth inspection, repair and commentary about one of these amusement park workhorses. Take note of the design of the steering spindles. That’s pretty darn clever and it's...
  3. Hellion

    Another Too-Good-to-be-True Ebay Ad?

    125cc 3+1 Semi Auto + Reverse Engine Motor For PIT QUAD DIRT BIKE ATV DUNE BUGGY All for just $26.79! :eek: Free Shipping...
  4. Hellion

    1970 Allsport Trike

    Good deal, I'd consider it if I was closer. Usually not a fan of trikes either but this one has that 70's style and pastiche, and some neat features not the least of which is the independent rear end. And yes, Functional Artist found it first. :cheers2...
  5. Hellion

    Video: Overlanding MiniBike Mayhem

    Synopsis: Coleman CT200Us purchased at TSC, gear bought for a 34 mile trek, hijinks ensue. As good of a review as any I suppose, but it's in-action with not a whole lot of content devoted to the mechanics/nitty gritty of the bikes. I wasn't really...
  6. Hellion

    Looking to trade for Mini Bike Seems legit.
  7. Hellion

    "Will it run?" Video Series

    Ran across this this guy on U-Tub by the name of 'Mustie1'. He's a mechanic active in anything and everything with an engine but he has an interesting modus operandi. In the first video I saw, he was dragging an old Volkswagen bus out of a field where it sat for decades. That in and of itself...
  8. Hellion

    The WTH Photo Thread

    Not necessarily funny, but pictures that make you go "What the Heck?" Alternative title is "CAPTION THIS:" I'll start...
  9. Hellion

    A Bargain at 10 Grand...

    In fact it may just be priceless. :P Honest pricing or a typo that's off by a few zeroes?
  10. Hellion

    See-Through Briggs on Acetone & WD-40

    You all may have seen this series of videos. Here's a part III in the series... :sifone: Alternative fuels, man! They do work.
  11. Hellion

    A Saga of Two Warriors

    Greetings all. Some time back, I finally initiated an interest in minibikes and "joined the club" ('bout time!). I bought a $75 Rupp Continental that needs work but that tiny spark set things in motion. I finally bought a Baja Warrior/MB200 just so I could be like Joe. In reality it is a...
  12. Hellion

    The Game Changer: Ducar 212cc Dyno Cams is offering their own engine to challenge the Predator hegemony. It is made by Ducar and their stated desire is to compete in the growing Predator classes. It comes pre-equipped with Dyno Cams PVL aluminum flywheel which is tested...
  13. Hellion

    How Much Is This Junk Worth?

    How Much Is This Stuff Worth? I am being posed to help liquidate an unbuilt Heathkit Deluxe Solid-State Color TV. It has the big heavy CRT, the 'bezel' or trim plate and a suitable wood cabinet to place it in (I think it used to be a Sylvania) along with all the rest of the internals, circuit...
  14. Hellion

    Hellion's Misc. Junk Reviews

    Greetings all. I'm fairly new to this hobby OR I am back into it after a long span of time between my teens and the present day. New hobby, fueled by an adult cash flow equals more stuff! The stuff in this review thread will be go-kart/mini bike related or peripheral goods; stuff you might use...
  15. Hellion

    Dipstick Oil Temp Gauge

    I was inspired to look for a combination engine oil dipstick and oil temperature gauge for my air-cooled dirt bike when I ran across this article: That is a plastic dip stick that has been drilled out to accept a...
  16. Hellion

    Russian Tarus 2x2 Trail Bike

    I want one! They are very lightweight and said to be foldable. Knowing how the Russians do things, it is probably simpler and more reliable than the Rokon. They're speaking about branching out to the rest of the world so that's some good news. We need a U.S. distributor though...
  17. Hellion

    Rat Rod Go Kart

    Just figured I'd document this go kart here for posterity, before it's gone. The seller has provided a litany of photos--might as well be a build log. Good ideas for the wheelbarrow crowd.
  18. Hellion

    Large Scale Forging

  19. Hellion

    MPC 1/8 Rupp Roadster Mini Bike

    Some people will know this kit from the 70's or have heard of it but this re-pop kit is new to me. Pretty neat-o. I will have to research the genre and see what else was available then. Was wondering if they made go karts too... If the engine and gas tank, etc., are decent I imagine some...
  20. Hellion

    Hellion's Manco 485 Refurb

    This kart was the second one I bought after a sort of fevered buying spree and the only "complete" kart in my possession. :P A bit of some back story first. I bought my 286 Dingo rolling chassis to start with as I was getting back in go karts, but I wanted MORE. The next one turned out to be a...