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    Throttle set up

    Well I have just about had enough with this throttle issue!!! Made a couple silly mistakes due to trial and error. I believe the governor spring is causing problems. It takes a fair amount of force to get the lever to the full speed position, then it won't return to idle on its own. I needed to...
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    Welded hub sprockets

    So I,ve been buying an assortment of weldable hubs and sprockets. They are reasonably cheap and readily available. Today I received the smallest tooth sprocket available. It's a 10T sprockets. Anybody see any problems ???? Easy enough to work around, but glad I noticed before welding er up!!!.
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    Air Filter mod.

    Feeling a little skeptical tonight. Lol tough day at work. I've read, and you tubed a bit about stock air filter setups being restrictive. I've always doubted that these clone engines have been engineered to allow just the precise amount of air flow. To suggest that they are on the verge of...
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    TC (40) installation issues

    So I got an "off brand" 40 series TC, and a Honda clone "Power Fist" engine. Couple of issues..... On the TC, the driver pulley has a 1" bore with an integral key machined into it. The Key seams to be undersized as there is a lot of play when it is slid onto the engine shaft. I'd say several...
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    I watched this video months ago of the Ariel Atom. I kept going back to it, it looked like so much fun! Well I don't have the cash for that kind of machine, but for a fraction of a fraction, I think I can build something that will deliver a thrill.
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    Analog or digital tachometers

    I,m thinking of a dashboard, Kill switch, lights, hour meter, and a tachometer. Anybody have any info on tachometer? I've read a few older posts, seams like it is a bit of a problem for single cylinder engines. Lots of "May" or "may not " work comments.
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    Frame design

    I'm kinda going for a mini F1 vibe. Any suggestions. Just at the mocking up stage. Nothing locked in yet.
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    DIY front Spindled

    So I was hoping to purchase some spindles. Suppliers in Canada Seem to be far and few between. Anything on line was charging more for shipping than the parts were worth. SOOOOO.... I made my own. I think they are serviceable, but a little heavier than bought ones. Now that I have mounting...
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    Hobby builder

    Hey all, I'm a new member from Ontario, Canada. I'm not a racer, but looking to build different types of karts just for the fun of the build. I'm hoping to get some inspiration from the group, and share my build with others.
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    40 series TC installed

    So I got my TC with the red CW spring, mounted on the inboard side as shown in the comet manual. My TC is actually an Ebay knock off, but I think that they are dimensionally the same. I was supplied with the two pulleys and a belt, nothing more. No hardware, no instructions. Referring to the...
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    TC 40 series install

    I've started a project from scratch. I purchased a 40 series TC for a 420cc kart. I've watched several videos on TC installation, and every one of them shows the set up like I have in my attached picture. Each video has at least one comment saying it is wrong. "Driven pulley is on backwards."...